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Information about Oil Rig Electrician career

Oil Rig Electrician, Advanced Rig Electrician

Many entry level electricians on oil rigs once started as roustabouts or roughnecks, and even as a galley hand in catering. There has always been room for promotion and professional career growth in oil and gas, especially on offshore platforms.

Becoming an electrician requires training and certification, considering that electricity in general constitutes danger that could go as far as having lethal influence on people. After spending some time as Trainee Electrician and becoming certified you may wish to get additional, more specialized training and become oil rig electrician. Such training would in any case add to your personal career development and provide more opportunities for better employment and better salary in exchange for better done job on servicing the electricity driven equipment and instrumentation in the process of oil drilling.

In this review we highly recommend the 10-days advanced rig electrician classroom training AREP program, followed by 6 months of hands on training on the workplace that is available at ModuSpec Academy. The program covers operations and electrical rig equipment on drilling units of all types, including both offshore platforms and land based oil rigs. The program is intended to train electricians that already have previous experience of working on oil rigs but still need additional training in the electrical field for advancement to a more responsible position in oil & gas industry, as well as for the electricians that often change different types of the oil exploration/storing/drilling units - normally those are the employees holding positions of senior oil rig electricians.

Having completed this course, the electricians with experience will gain valuable knowledge based potential allowing them to be charged with additional responsibilities involving a wider range of oil rig maintenance operations. If not still a senior electrician, successful trainees upon the graduation will acquire skills necessary for advancement in their oil rig career from a position of rig electrician to fill a senior vacancy on offshore oil platforms. Successful candidates will be introduced to more types of electrical equipment needing high competence level of maintenance, operating procedures, and compliance rules. Before getting enrolled, the applicants should expect being tested and offered to deliver hands on tasks necessary for the evaluation of their current level of competence and skills.

Upon the graduation the trainees will be issued either a Certificate of the Attendance or Certificate of the Completion depending on the skills and knowledge they are able to demonstrate in course of series of tests and exams covering, in part, comprehensive inspection and testing of the electrical systems available on rigs and involved in oil production/exploration process.

Other Rig Electrician courses:

  • Introductory Rig Electrical Course (REC). This program can be recommended to anyone who wants to get a job or to be promoted to the position of a Rig Electrician on oil rigs, such as people in maintenance, Assistant Electricians, Roustabouts, Roughneck, Motorhand and any other entry level workers on oil rigs, existing wells, or offshore platforms, or even individuals without prior experience of working on oil rigs.
  • Intermediate Rig Electrician Program (REP). This training course is basically intended for lower ranking electricians who have been shortlisted for promotion

These 2 courses precede the AREP program

Other job postings in oil & gas upstream sector: Floorhand / Roustabout US-LA-Lafayette, Louisiana Environmental Monitoring , Inc. More:

  • Roughneck entry level positions, driller helpers
  • Rig Mechanic in the USA, company name: Ensco International
  • Rig Electrician for Ensco International, USA
  • Roustabout, location: US-NY-North Sea, the company that hires: KCA Deutag
  • Deckpusher. Job location: the Gulf of Mexico, USA-TX-Houston, employer: Transocean Ltd.
  • Crane Operator - Gulf of Mexico USA, the state of Texas, Houston oil job - Transocean Ltd.
  • Assistant Driller at land based oil rigs in the USA, AK, for Parker Drilling Company
  • Driller job in the USA, AK, employer name: Parker Drilling Company
  • Lead Floorman, oil rig job location: the USA, NY, and the North Sea, KCA Deutag
  • Derrickman, Rig Electrician USA (NY) - North Sea for KCA Deutag
  • Roustabout, two positions on the offshore drilling rig, $US 22.81 to $US 22.81 per hour. The job requires traveling to St. John's, Newfoundland
  • Oil Wellhead Field Service Technician, job location: OH-Youngstown
  • Piping Engineer - job in petroleum industry, location: USA, IL, Chicago
  • Division Operations Manager USA-TX-Houston Parker Drilling Company
  • Hydraulic Mechanic, Deep Water Units US-TX-Houston Maersk Drilling USA Inc.
  • Cleaning Technician Supervisor US-LA-Port Fourchon OMNI Energy Services
  • Cleaning Technicians in the USA, LA: Golden Meadow, Carencro, Morgan City - who is hiring: OMNI Energy Services
  • Driller US-MO-Mexico Parker Drilling Company
  • Parker Drilling Company needs Operations Manager to work in Houston, TX
  • Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals, Inc. (Houston, TX) announced vacancy of Principal Offshore Electrical Engineer to be filled by a good candidate

Re-visit soon to read review that would cover Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Singapore oil rig jobs on the web page.

Training as an Oil Rig Apprentice Electrician

Educational Requirements and Job Description for Apprentice Electricians:

To qualify for an apprenticeship, successful candidates need to have minimum a high school diploma. Apprenticeship programs are available from numerous technical or community colleges, companies and associations. An Electrician training programs will usually have the duration of 4 years. During the hands on part of the training oil rig apprentice electricians will work under the supervision. After the graduation, entry-level electricians need to get licensed.

Whether on oil rigs or elsewhere, apprentice electrician is an individual enrolled in an apprenticeship program to become a certified electrician. Training programs for the electricians on oil rigs provide the students with the skills and knowledge, necessary to design, install, repair, maintain, and safely operate electrical systems and wiring on offshore and land based oil production installations.

Related: NEBOSH Safety Certification

NEBOSH provides vocational training for the managerial, administrative, supervisory and newly appointed personnel of onshore and offshore oil rigs that deals with workplace issues on oil rigs and in petroleum industry generally. Training is available in the UK, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, Africa, Pakistan and worldwide internationally. NEBOSH stands for the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. In fact NEBOSH since 1979 is a UK-based independent examination body that offers training on issues of safety in oil and gas industry, whose diplomas and certificates are being recognized internationally by the major part of oil drilling contractors. The suggested training courses are aimed to minimize the number of the incidents and injuries in oil production industry by setting high standards for safety and health protection across the industry globally.

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