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Petroleum industry news. Job openings, employment opportunities.

This sector was designed to keep you up-to-date with offshore\on shore drilling employment news all over the world.

1. How much can I earn in oil rigs of Mexico? - For the last 10 years the economy of Mexico has grown up mainly because of oil exploration activity while other countries are slowing down drilling industry to keep safe petroleum future. This issue caused dramatical increase in job openings in The Gulf of Mexico and growing up salaries opposite to past years.

2. Employment opportunity boom noticed in Columbia - During last year oil companies that are exploring oil and gas in Columbia raised salaries for its workers. Providing them huge benefits and compensations systems to make sure qualified worker will stay at platform and improve performance of exploration process.

3. Oil & Gas Exploration Jobs are in high demand in Colombia - "Ecopetrol and Pacific Rubiales Energy oil exploration jobs in Colombia. Get higher salary on entry level position opposite to European offshore rigs.

4. Offshore rope access jobs - Rope access jobs employment available in Brazil, Petrobras one of the leading companies in oil exploration here. Lots of oil deposits explorations in this region caused entry level job openings and high demand of skilled workers: welders, divers, rope access workers.

5. Oil companies of Brazil are hiring general labors with no experience - Along with skilled job openings as driller, mechanic or electrician there are opportunities for those ones with no experience to start career as kitchen cleaner, general labor, steward, cleaning assistant, roustabout, deck hand,

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