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Oil rig employment opportunities in Brazil

It's estimated that by the year 2016 Brazilian oil & gas sector will create 190,000 new oil rig jobs. Many offshore oil researching projects are now under way, the others are in the phase of study. But it is already clear what oil industry oriented professionals will be needed on the market: electricians, welders, pipe fitters, drillers, mechanics, motormen, derrickman, crane operators and many, many more, including unskilled individuals for vacancies of roughnecks and roustabout that do not require previous experience of working on oil rigs. The demand for personnel in Brazil's oil industry is very large, while there's a lack of skilled labor. Therefore, foreign professionals are needed to fill the gap. Studies show that from the 70,000 permits to work issued in the country last year, 18,000 were for work of foreigners on vessels or offshore oil platforms. By the standards of the Ministry of Labor, employers in the offshore sector must hire 2 Brazilians for every alien.

Brazilian oil industry opens range of employment opportunities offshore. The growth of the oil sector in Brazil, especially with the start of using the advanced deep drilling technologies of searching for oil reservoirs in the high seas outside the country's territorial waters, opens new host of employment opportunities offshore. Besides both trained and unskilled professionals who are immediately involved in the oil production/drilling, the offshore platforms and drillships are also in need of support staff, such as security experts, cooks, helicopter pilots, and many others necessary to ensure proper functioning of the oil drilling installation and living of the staff servicing them. The estimated need for oil rig workers and employees of different technical petroleum related backgrounds and skills for the Brazilian upstream oil industry will reach the mark of 212 thousand people by the year 2014. If we take only position of a Driller, a technician responsible for operating the pipe that removes oil from the sea - there are 5000 job openings, according to the representative of the Program for Mobilization of the National Oil and Natural Gas (Prominp).

Foreign engineers, technicians and workers that work for Petrobras come from other oil producing countries in Latin America, such as Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. Also there are workers from Philippines, Portugal, Spain, and even Norway and other Nordic countries.

If you are someone who regards the possibility of working on offshore oil rigs, you would have to adapt yourself to a completely different schedule: working on platforms is by shifts. You work 14 days in a row, and then have 14 days off. The compensation for having to work in isolated environment together with a limited number of people is generous. Salaries offshore exceed by 30% the wages people earn for performing the same duties on the land based facilities. The other dangers, associated with the hazardous character of job in challenging and often risky environment and constantly having to be flown by helicopter to and from oil platforms result in extra 67% increase in the base salary.

Besides professionals and manual labor workers like roughnecks and roustabouts, there are lots of vacancies on offshore platforms, such as cooks, cook assistants, bakers, stewards, galleyhands, camp bosses, and others who work on the oil rigs on contract with catering companies subcontracted by oil and gas corporations. Though the duties of the latter imply less risk because they do their job far away from drilling deck, they all the same are required to attend safety courses necessary for employment in the industry.

Another oil rig job: Helicopter Pilot

Good news for helicopter pilots: more helicopter pilots can expect to get employment in the offshore oil production industry. Offshore sector should demand 100 new helicopters over the next 7 years. Helibras, which owns 27% stake in the Brazilian helicopters for offshore segment, is excited with the oil and gas production/exploration growth, and estimates that the offshore oil rigs should require 100 new aircraft (helicopters) for medium and large size companies in the next 7 years. The oil & gas sector is one of the most promising market for helicopters. The growth expectations point to a demand greater than 100 new helicopters increasingly necessary because of the greater distances between the mainland and maritime offshore oil rigs. This growth involves hiring more helicopter pilots for vacancies that open, as well as more mechanics and technicians to ensure after-sales services, as per description.

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Emerging oil boom in Brazil offers exciting opportunities

The growing demand for oil and natural gas provokes oil companies to run research for oil deposits in the new areas across the world, such as largely untouched Arctic and other offshore regions potentially rich in oil to compensate the decline of output from older oilfields. Meanwhile, the shortage of managers and workers becomes pressing, making the availability of experienced staff an even bigger problem that restrains growth of oil production. Hence the growth of the salaries and an increase migration of the skilled manpower to the areas of oil production in China, Thailand, and especially Brazil's Santos basin. Brazil has definitely become one of the major players that also hires foreigners for oil rig jobs such as engineers, oil rig operators, drillers, as well as candidates for the positions without which no rig could operate despite high level of oil drilling process automation - roustabouts and roughneck, doing the hardest and the dirtiest part on the job using their hands.

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