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General workers positions on oil fields of Dubai

Dubai is one of the highest paying sector of oil drilling activity. Lots of oil deposit explored providing huge amount of drillers / drillers assistant positions on oil rigs.

There are many positions available on an oil rig. Some of these positions are only available to highly qualified candidates, such as engineers, geologists, etc.. However, there are other positions (called entry level) that are also available for beginners with no previous experience or studies related to the oil industry in high sea, or land based rigs. Some of these positions are: manual labor, floor hands, utility hands, cleaning laundry staff jobs, etc.

Basically personnel aboard an oil rig is divided into categories:

A) Drilling crew

There are two teams in each rig, each team consists of, drillers, assistants, helpers, foremen, workers of tower crane operating, electricians, drivers, engineers, welders, etc. when you end the drilling process, engineering personnel starts processing the oil, if you are interested in taking part of the drilling process you can begin career as general assistant and work your way up to driller assistant and than become driller.

B) Service and maintenance teams.

This part of workers are serving drilling crew providing meals, (kitchen staff like cooks, galley hands), medical service (nurse or paramedic), transportation (helicopter pilots). For those interested in working in the service sector, we tell that we expect a considerable increase in job opportunities for experienced workers as well as for workers without prior offshore experience.

Many of the major oil companies of Dubai pay up to $ 600 per day for skilled labor. Entry level vacancies starts with $ 300 per day, that is why ordinary salary is more than $ 100,000.00 dollars a year and this may be your opportunity to get the highest paid job of whole your life.

The amounts paid per hour initially are not very high, taking into account all the work that has to be done. Anyway, speaking of a drilling workers sector, the salary of driller assistant is $ 310.00 - $ 345.00 dollars per day, since they work 12 hours a day. This means it has an annual salary of approximately $ 42,000 - $ 46.500 dollars.

Driller assistant jobs hiring now in Dubai

And not only driller assistant are needed, Dubai oil fields provides positions of: Team leader, chief mechanic, mechanical, driver, machinery operator, assistant driller, floor hands, foreman. Tower worker/derrick man, barge captain, barge engineer, geological engineer, chemical, biologists, sub sea engineer, chief barge, radio operator, doctor, nurse, cleaning stuff.

kitchen/catering, electrician, welder, painter, driller assistant.

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If you ascend in rank and become foreman, then your gross salary will be $ 75,000 - $ 100,000 a year. When analysing the issue of wages should also consider that half of the year will be free of work.

With every oil deposit discovery and new drilled well, oil and gas companies begin to pay high salaries for the skilled labor available. And the fight for the best professionals, these companies use as a bargaining strategy and can gain the workers by offering salary to $ 40,000.

Remuneration at this level is designed for engineers with minimum experience of ten years in the market. But professionals with less time experience in the oil field have also opportunities to earn well.

To a geologist, for example, there are companies that offer salary of £ 20,000. A welding inspector with level qualification or technical school, gets to have a monthly income of $ 15 thousand. The underwater welder is corporations who pay £ 12,000. And radio operator platform does not earn less than $ 8000. The welder career starts with a salary in the range of £ 800, but with development and personal investment can pay more than £ 8,000, as in the case of weld inspectors level

The contracts are for one year and renewable for equal periods, unless rescinded by any of the parties at least 15 days before the expiry of that.

Typically, we work seven 12-hour shifts per week, including food break that do not exceed a maximum of 1h 30 min. in each 12-hour shift.

Dubai Oil Company provides work clothing, equipment, lodging, food and laundry services free of charge. The food meets the requirements for food businesses of medium high, with plentiful supply of assorted meats, fruits, salads, desserts, etc. Generally it will only have to buy toothpaste and cigarettes. Rooms are kept clean and tidy.

Over the rest time that lasts two weeks you will be transported to the shore and return after the expiration of it to the platform. Travel between the platform and the mainland, are made by helicopter firm or personal boat (boat crew) and entirely free. There are other benefits, such as movies, videos, gym, medical center, etc. It is also possible to send and receive mail on a daily basis. The main benefit while working offshore is additional paid bonuses to your basic salary.

The vast majority of workers refers their 15 days of rest at home with the family (In your country of residence) rotating for a year. This means that you work and live on the platform and rest 15 \ 15 days (In your own home, 12 times a year). The platforms are located in Europe, the North Sea and also in the state of Texas and the State of California in United States of America.

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