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Offshore scaffolding jobs in Europe

Work on the rig: How the hope for high paying oil job is exploited

Offshore work on an oil rig appears to be quite profitable. Several thousand euro waving the person who manages to be selected from among the other candidates for offshore oil job and scaffolding job is not exception. But again and again dipped the term "fraud" in association with offshore oil drilling rigs employment. Is offshore work worthwhile or not? Let's try to find out this very important question.

The remuneration includes very different information, which is sometimes also at the various professional looking images from the most unexperienced jobs of cleaners, freshers to skilled jobs of scaffolders, mechanics, electricians and even to technology specialists with high qualification and huge experience. The fact is that the remuneration is far above the usual average. However, job seeker should not under-estimate the sometimes extreme conditions of working on the oil rigs, the long shifts and the spatial and temporal separation of the family that left on shore.

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The scam: money for useless "How to apply for offshore oil job" guides.

On the web you can find a lot of web sites that deal with offshore employment in oil sector. They reveal interesting details of working on offshore oil rigs is scaffolding crew. In addition, they offer a counselor or information catalog that includes 80 pages of extensive information on applying for the job on offshore oil rig.

These Guides contain information about the work on the rig itself, the oil rig job descriptions and earning potential. But its heart is a list of drilling and oil companies and other companies that are active in the oil business. Application forms will facilitate you the application to various oil companies that operating in offshore sector. For that you usually pay between 20 and 50 euros. The only problem is: Usually the information is worth nothing. The addresses you can find by using a yellow pages or the search engines such as Google, Yahoo at no cost and significantly more current.

How to actually get offshore scaffolding job on the oil rig?

A basic rule is, as always, If you need to make advance payments, you have definitely found a reputable way to get to one of the coveted offshore scaffolding jobs. If you would like to actually work on an oil rig as scaffolder, you should rather consider the following tips:

  • Scaffolding jobs on oil rigs as well as normal positions advertised as normal. You can find them for example on the web sites, job portals, of the oil producers.
  • If you are looking for you offshore scaffolding job in Germany you should consider that there are not too many scaffolding jobs in this area. Also You should not looking at the English language for scaffolding job in Germany. You will find mainly Norwegian, British or US oil companies.
  • Most oil companies only accept online applications through the appropriate career portals, crewing agencies or recruiters.
  • Find out in advance exactly what the requirements that comes with the scaffolding job on offshore oil rig where you are applying to. Only then you can decide whether dealing with this vacancy actually worth.

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