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Offshore nursing jobs Australia

If you have an interest in nursing job, but prefer solitude and independent work environment, it is possible to explore a career as offshore oil rig nurse in Australia. Australian oil companies build platforms for oil drilling operations offshore in the long term and they need medical professionals who can treat injuries and illnesses to workers. Offshore oil rig nurses alternate between two weeks downtime on land and two weeks on offshore oil rig;. Rig nurses work 12-hour shifts, but stay on duty during the day. Before you pack your bags, you need to learn about the skills and requirements to work as a nurse oil rig.

Education required to become offshore oil rig nurse

Australian oil companies prefer to hire registered nurses to work in the oil rig. Registered nurses must have a bachelor of science degree in nursing or an associate's degree or a diploma in nursing. Teachings require you to take courses in nursing, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and other sciences. You should also take liberal arts classes to complete the degree requirements. A diploma program can not require liberal arts courses. BSN degree programs take four years to complete. You can get a degree of ASN in two years. Given the challenges of working as a nurse at sea, most Australia oil companies prefer to hire registered nurses with a bachelor's or master's degree.

Nursing experience

Almost all oil companies operating in Australia are willing to hire experienced nurses. Working on an oil rig often means treating patients without the assistance or supervision of a physician. Rig nurses must make their own medical decisions, perform their own tests, counsel patients and assess the conditions. Significant work experience in traditional hospital nursing equivalent to a good performance in the demanding marine environment, and most Australian oil and gas exploration companies want to hire experienced nurses in emergency care.

What license you need to work as rig nurse in Australia?

In order to work as a registered nurse offshore, you must have a license. Oil rig nurses can qualify by obtaining a license in their home states. All 50 states have their own licensing programs. Each program has certain requirements. All states require that you pass the licensing examination of the National Council of Registered Nursing. Some states require nurses to earn continuing education credits for license renewal.

To score a nursing job on an oil rig, you need good medical diagnostic skills and the ability to assess and treat a wide range of medical conditions. You also need to have a broad knowledge of pharmaceutical medicine, the ability to train other workers in emergency medicine and skills of decision making copies. The work also works best for people with few family obligations.

The experience and ability of Australia in the field of gas and oil

Australian oil companies
Apache Corporation
Origin Energy
Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd
Bass Strait Oil Company Ltd
Tap Oil Limited
Magellan Petroleum Australia
Shell in Australia
Cue Energy Resources Ltd
Oil Search Limited
ConocoPhillips Australia Pty Ltd
Total in Australia
ROC Oil Company
Senex Energy Limited
Mosaic Oil
BHP Billiton Petroleum
Australian Worldwide Exploration Ltd
Tri-Star Petroleum
OMV Australia Pty Ltd
Metgasco Limited
Chevron Australia
Nido Petroleum Limited
Stuart Petroleum Limited
ExxonMobil Australia (Esso)
Santos Limited
Beach Petroleum Ltd
Arrow Energy
Strike Energy

Undoubtedly, the historical energy reform in Mexico has captured the interest of businesses and employment worldwide, including several Australian companies with significant experience in the field of gas and oil.

Although greatly attention to date has focused on the potential experience and capacity of European and US companies in this sector, perhaps the experience and capacity of Australian companies in the gas sector and oil are less known in Mexico.

Australia has very important interests in the field of oil and gas. In addition to our oil resources, the end of the decade it is predicted that Australia is the largest exporter of LNG. In total, we have 190 billion dollars of LNG projects under construction proving plenty of jobs including nursing. This includes various "megaprojects" in the so-called North West Shelf and onshore projects three significant coal-bed methane in northeastern Australia, not to mention our globally significant reserves of shale gas (shale gas).

Australian companies are active not only in my country but also around the world, across many key aspects of the value chain. For example, the Australian resources company BHP-Billiton has significant interests in the Gulf of Mexico, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago. BHP-Billiton is keen on energy reform in Mexico and is keen to make long-term investments.

BHP-Billiton is not alone. The major engineering services company WorleyParsons is also expanding its presence in the market. WorleyParsons experience covers extraction to further processing. It has extensive experience around the world in deepwater projects and also in many other areas, such as refining and development of ports.

Offshore oil jobs in Australia

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Of course develop appropriate regulatory and tax regimes is essential to ensure the correct environment for investment and, more importantly, the economic prosperity of Mexico.

The regulatory bodies of Australia have also developed extensive knowledge in managing health concerns, safety and the environment in challenging environments and sometimes sensitive. They continue to perform the work with the industry has contributed to the strong record of Australia on these issues and key issues. The local focus of our companies is being replicated in other parts of the world. For example, BHP-Billiton projects in the Gulf of Mexico combine high productivity with an outstanding record on health and safety.

Over many decades, Australia has also made significant investments to build the capacity of the industry and its job market. Universities such as Curtin University, University of Western Australia and University of Queensland enjoy an international reputation in research into oil and gas, as well as our public institution for research, CSIRO.

The administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto has shown a strong commitment to address these vital issues and issues that underpin the prosperity of the offshoreo oil sector and, ultimately, to ensure that this historic reform benefits the entire country. Australia looks forward to contribute in many ways to reform, not only from a commercial point of view but also with the institutions that have been created to oversee this new era and generating oil jobs on market.

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