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Norway oil field galley hands jobs

Among the countries that dominate the oil industry, Norway, has great weight in the international arena. With large reserves and quite unique ways of dealing with the oil market, the country stands as a model taking into account the new operating contract of the Brazilian pre-salt layer, which is currently in voting.

With reserves of oil and natural gas in large quantities, Norway is currently the seventh largest producing country and the third largest oil exporter in the world. However, the main highlight of the country is the oil deposits exploitation. In Norway, the oil is extracted by Statoil and the profits from the sale of the product are administered by Petoro, a 100% state-owned, and reversed in social spending.

Oil drilling companies hiring galley hands

There are thousands of entry level requiring no experience oil vacancies of leading offshore drilling companies in our members area:

  • Technip
  • Pride
  • Bos
  • Q&B
  • Subsea 7
  • Wood group
  • Maersk Drilling
  • GlobalSantaFe Corporation
  • Abbot Group
  • Atwood Oceanics, Inc.
  • Maersk Contractors
  • Egyptian Drilling Company
  • Petroleum
  • Baker Hughes
  • Petroleum, Drilling Oil and Gas Wells
  • China Oilfield Services
  • Diamond Offshore Drilling
  • Nabors Industries
  • Japan Drilling Co
  • Fred. Olsen Energy
  • Schlumberger
  • Akita Drilling
  • Acteon
  • IKM Subsea Design
  • Global Marine Drilling
  • Rowan Companies, Inc.
  • Altinex
  • Prosafe
  • Petroleum industry
  • Stena Drilling
  • Dolphin Drilling
  • Geoservices
  • Tesco Drilling
  • Transocean
  • Franklin Howard International

Oil exploration activity generates lots of high paid vacancies. Despite oil industry involves drilling and oil professionals there is also opportunity for non relevant workers and even with no experience. So if you do not have any qualifications (such as welder, electrician or crane operator) and no offshore experience (sailor, military, firefighter, fisherman or commercial diver) but you are physically healthy you could choose galley hand position on oil field.

Galley hands on offshore oil rigs

Galley hands of utility hands is one of the catering crew workers who assists to Night backer. Utility hands must keep kitchen clear, remove all the garbage, trash, wash dishes. Also is engaged in serving utensils, dishes, pots. Works 14 hours per shift. This is amazing position if you have no offshore experience. Once you got this position you can start trying to move up the career ladder. If you are not native English speaker it is always essential that you have language skills and ability to learn fast, the workers are coming to rig from Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Norway, Ireland, Pakistan, Italy, Nigeria, Peru, Taiwan and many other destinations so you need to be able communicate. As usual elementary English is enough to enter position of entry level. But if you are planning to develop you offshore career you must improve your communicative skills. In case you arrive to Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico there is preferable to speak Spanish to communicate with locals.

Entry level galley hands employment assistance

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Antonio Qila, Norway. Position: Galley hands

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Vladimir, Norway, SP. Position: Galley hands

You can too find employment as galley hands on oil rigs of Greenfield, Lafayette, Aberdeen, Scotland, Mumbai, Nabors, California, Southern California, Massachusetts, Midland horizon

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