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Oil rig jobs in Nigeria

Though entry level oil rig jobs in Nigeria are really hard to find for people without experience, if you succeed that can be a great career opportunity, since working on oilfields pays exceptionally well. It's recommended that job seekers find and contract a job placement company, otherwise you should do all the search by your own self.

Hiring Companies: Once you have started sending out your CV's, you quickly realize how problematic it may be to get even short listed for interview, especially if it is a roustabout entry level rig position that you would like to get hired for. That's the main reason why it is still recommended that you find recruiter specialized in job placement who would do the job for you. Another option would be using one of the resumé posting websites and advertise yourself as a good candidate to the recruiting agencies and HR representatives of the oil drilling contractors often using such websites to select good fits for different types of job openings - if not specifically in Nigeria, then at a different location, which could turn out not a bit less attractive. Doing some of your own research online can be very beneficial in many respects.

Here is the list of companies that hire either directly or seek and short list candidates from the behalf of the companies that actually drill for oil in Nigeria:

  • Evolution Recruitment Solutions Pte Ltd ( Evolution Global Energy Ltd). The company has regional offices specializing in recruitment of oil rig workers and employees locally across the UK and internationally: Evolution Energy UK (Warrington Cheshire and London), Evolution Energy Germany (Magdeburg, Germany), Evolution Energy Singapore. Recent job announcements with this company: Directional driller (Directional Drilling Engineer), office based vacancy in Jakarta, Indonesia, with starting salary of $US 70,000; Drilling Consultant, job location: Nigeria, salary starting at $US 190,000.
  • EarthStream Global Ltd - recruits for Oil & Gas industry internationally, in part for working on oil rigs in Nigeria
  • Baker Hughes - Field Specialist - IPS to work in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. With Global Headquarters of Baker Hughes located in Houston, Texas, the company has regional offices across the world, namely at the Gulf of Mexico, in Canada (Calgary, Alberta), office for Latin America, located in Houston, TX; Moscow, Russia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; London, the UK; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Courbevoie, France
  • Haztek International - Rig Mechanic to work worldwide, currently in Angola and Nigeria
  • Odfjell Drilling UK Ltd
  • Goodall Brazier Ltd
  • Spencer Ogden
  • Faststream Ltd
  • WTS energy
  • Progressive Global Energy and Natural Resources

These companies recruit for different entry level jobs and advanced positions in the oil and gas industry Nigeria based projects.

Working conditions

Working conditions on the Nigerian oil rigs can be described as dangerous and life threatenning. The so-called militant Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) from time to time launches armed attacks on pipelines, oil rigs, and shoot at workers that service petroleum installations and facilities, thus trying to stop oil production in the delta, and for good reason. Oil production in this African country turned out devastating for the local nature bringing it to the edge of ecological disaster: between the years 1970-2000 there occured over 7,000 leakages of oil resulting in ugly oil spills that pollute the area with no one caring to remove occasional small oil lakes.

O&M Jobs in Oil & Gas and Power Industry from independent provider

Another recruiter that hires people to work on oil rigs of Nigeria and Angola is Dietsmann. The Netherlands headquartered Dietsmann is an independent international Operation & Maintenance provider for oil & gas, and the related industries, with overall pool of permanently listed workforce exceeding 5,500 professionals employed worldwide. This means that they have the capacity to offer some rewarding oil rig and offshore platform jobs for individuals pursuing or wishing to pursue career in oil & gas industry as well. Some of the corporation's offices can be found in Angola (Training and Technical Center in Luanda), Congo (Pointe Noire), France (Toulouse and Salies du Salat Industrial Zone), Gabon, Italy, Iraq (in Basrah), 4 offices in Kazakhstan, 2 offices in Nigeria (in Port Harcourt and in Abuja), Libya (in Tripoli), South Sudan (Juba), 7 offices across Russia (2 of them in Moscow), and in Switzerland. At the time of writing this review they were looking to hire candidates to fill the following vacancies on oil rigs for the new contracts in Nigeria: Mechanical Foreman, Scaffolder, Instrumentation Foreman, Instrument Preparator, Mechanical Trainer, as well as positions of Project Coordinator and Quality Controller.

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If you work in the oil industry or are looking to start a career in energy, your very first step should be to locate where oilfield jobs are available. As for the oil production industry there are many areas around the world that can be recommended to search for the availability of entry level oil rig jobs. Nigeria is on the list as well, due to the essential oil deposits along with valid expectations for the discovery of yet more oil reserves. Nigeria's booming oil industry makes this third largest country in Africa that very place to look for a job of roustabout or roughneck on offshore platforms or on landbased rigs. A job on offshore platform in Nigeria does not require learning of an foreign language, especially considering that English is the language widely spoken in Nigeria. When looking for land based oil rigs in Nigeria as the potential employment place, the countries like Brazil, Iraq, and Nigeria offer the salaries and wages for the oil rig workers that are more than competitive, while there's also an opportunity to get permanent employment and the work that could last for years. The nature of the work offshore and the remote locations can be difficult, but for people who opted in the favor of working even in the lowest and less batter paid for positions like roughneck, electrician, motorman, assistant driller, assistant crane operator on the drilling platforms, facilities managers and toolpushers, the conveniences are not the decisive factor in taking a job. Big annual salary is what matters, as well as opportunity of having from 6 to 9 months off job (like on Norwegian oil rigs) in the North Sea. As soon as you gain experience in Nigeria oil industry, you may have natural desire start looking for a better place that would match your newly acquired skill level better. That could be either in Nigeria or in the other country of the world that is rich in oil deposits. Oil industry is very project oriented field. As soon as project or a certain part of it is complete, your job may become no more needed and start immediately looking for a job with new employers, that's normal in oil & gas sector. New exploration sites and platforms are always looking for new entry level workers, including floorhands, deckhands, leasehands, and laborers called roustabouts and roughnecks, doing the dirty oil jobs that do not require much experience, you need only to be strong and tough guy capable of handling some heavy tools and do much of lifting and the like regardless of the adverse environment. The offshore entry level jobs like these can be very dangerous at times, still they offer the best way to get involved in the oil industry once hired. As soon as it's clear you are the right fit for working on oil rigs, promotion to a higher rank won't leave young and ambitious roustabout wait too long. As soon as candidate is noticed and marked as promising, the oil rig management and HR start thinking about the best way to exploit your talents in exchange for better salary - entry level laborers are not expected to be loaded with oil pipes on oil rigs for good.

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