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Norway oil field deckhands jobs for unexperienced workers

Every year Norway's largest oil companies are hiring now 15-17 thousand workers from all over the world on a contract basis.

The contract is usually for 6 months, after which you can extend it. Transportation, accommodation, meals, medical insurance and your chosen trade training at the expense of the employer company. Age requirement from 25 to 55 years. Marital status does not matter. Possible visit to Norway with his family. Women at work are not accepted. Extremely high pay (300 - 800 U.S. $ per day) due to work in the harsh climatic conditions, low temperature, high humidity, frequent storms. Work is being done on a rotational basis (watch 18-20 days). The huge importance factor of communication: if you do not know or bad know English, you have pretty tight. That is why very few people Extends Contract for more than 6 months. Knowledge of English is desirable, but not required: in all workplaces there are signs with explanations in several languages, and some of the teams of workers equipped with translators.

Top biggest oil companies in Norway are: Helse Øst rfh, Orkla, ConocoPhillips Scandinavia, Eni Norge, Kommunal Landspensjonsk, Esso Norge, Coop NKL ba, Aker, Helse Sør rhf, Tine ba, Aker Kværner, ExxonMobil Exploration, Yara International, Statkraft, Posten Norge, Veidekke, Coop Norge, Statoil, Telenor, Norske Skogindustrier, Storebrand, NorgesGruppen, DnB NOR,, Norsk Hydro, a/s Norske Shell, Aker Yards, Total E&P Norge, Reitangruppen. These companies can provide high salary for unexperienced workers

The most common entry level job for joiners is deckhands. This is the lowest position on oil rigs which implies doing the dirtiest work nobody else want to perform. As a deckhands you have to expect 12-hour shifts at a very physically strenuous activity. Since most of the work of a deckhands take place at the rig surface You will be subject to constant wind and bad weather conditions.

Typical activities and duties of a deckhands:

  • Deck maintenance
  • Unloading of supply ships
  • Securing of material on the platform
  • Enrichment / supply of materials, such as pipes, etc. for the drilling
  • Installation and repair of drilling equipment
  • Rust removal and painting the oil rig
  • Cleaning oil-rig deck and drilling equipment

If you got this job of deckhand you can learn some skills and start doing more qualified work moving up by career ladder. If you are learning fast you could become, for example, driller assistant and get higher salary.

Deckhands positions are very popular today there is a reason: jobs on oil rigs are very popular because they provide good working conditions and high salaries.

I spent time over 10 years in oil rig starting from the lowest wage level as deckhands and already converted about 85,000 gross per year on an oil rig - and was also exempt from tax. The guys from the rig or the skilled workers of the maintenance department earned significantly more. Previously, I had not even earned as a warehouse manager of automobile spare parts in a big VW & Audi Dealership about 30,000.

The search for an oil rig job is not easy. There are overcome some "barriers". Somewhat easier to fling job through temporary employment agencies. But you get employed a temporary employment agency would regularly charge off me 25% of my net monthly salary and the contract would have been to 6 months.

It is very difficult to find addresses of oil rig companies to apply directly. Because companies such as Shell, BP & Co does not drilling but the work on oil rigs are all carried out by contractors who are hardly known.

However, the addresses are only useful if you know what papers you need for your application and where you can get ones. Because without valid papers and proper formal application documents your application will not be accepted in either oil company. I spent $59.75 for an information catalog at really not worth mentioning. The many months that I squandered my research, I would have on the rig can earn almost three times - that counts! Unfortunately, most vendors operate on the Internet a dubious policy information to the people to bait and do not indicate these "barriers" to applicants for jobs on oil rigs. I can recommend a reputable English language only source on the Internet unfortunately.

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