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Oil drilling companies hiring worldwide

Oil companies drill for oil in practically every region of the Earth, worldwide. Locations are numerous, but the main are North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Russia, Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, USA, Canada, Middle East, and the Western Europe, specifically Mediterranean Sea. If frequent traveling, working 12 hours in a row and overtime up to 16 hours is not what you sustain, then better do not try offshore oil drilling employment.

Both entry level and experienced workers needed

Entry level rig jobs are available not just in form of actually hard manual labor having to do with drilling and operating heavy machinery and mechanisms on the deck, or dirty work of motorman. The are also unskilled jobs in catering, and they can generate the salary that can be envied by many. If you have no job or if your job pays poorly, it's not because there are no jobs with excellent salary in principle. Well salaried job openings will never stop coming from oil and gas industry. If you are healthy, young, not afraid of working physically and getting your hands a little dirty, there are entry level oil rig jobs for the taking. Do not wish to do the dirty and potentially hazardous work? Then there's an option of getting hired on oil rigs as offshore catering personnel on sea based platforms - and that's worldwide, and regardless of your citizenship. Non drilling vacancies for the inexperienced like dish washers, pot washers, galley hands, kitchen helpers, waiters or food servers, kitchen cleaners, cook helpers and assistant cooks etc., and chef, steward, storeman, catering administrator, camp boss from the higher end.

Oil Rig Recruitment Agencies

Should you use them? No doubt, if the agencies did their job the way they shouldn't, no job seeker from one hand, and no oil drilling contractor from the other hand, would use them, and all of them would simply go bankrupt. Still oil rig recruitment age agencies flourish. There are many recruitment agencies working for oil companies, who are very professional, and as a candidate, you benefit from their services and their motivation that prompts these HR agents doing their best to offer you a new position on oil rig that would be satisfactory both for you, as rig worker, and the company you are going to work for. That's because they get paid by the employers for supplying competent and able workforce for oil rigs. This applies to the full extent both to trained experienced welders, scaffolders, rig electricians, crane operators, mechanics and mechanical engineers etc. and the lowest entry level positions of roustabouts and roughnecks. The pitfall with some oil rig recruitment agencies in the countries like Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania etc. they could be motivated by employers to convince you to settle for a lower salary during the salary negotiation phase.

Post your resumé online

To avoid this, it's recommended that every candidate for oil rig job do their own research on the Internet. Maybe, instead of asking a recruiter for job placement it would have sense for you to use employment website like Rigworker, where the candidates have closer contact with oil companies and their own HR departments?

Age Limitations

Here is another frequently asked question: Is there age limit to work at the oil company offshore? Yes, there is. The candidates should be not younger than 18 years old, and that's accepted internationally. As for the upper age limit, normally it is 55 for the experienced personnel and 50 for the inexperienced. Do not apply, if you don't fit this margin.

Oil jobs in the North Sea with AMEC, massive employment

AMEC, another major publicly traded company and big provider of employment that in part offers commissioning services for oil and gas sector, is currently recruiting people to ensure the implementation of another large scale offshore oil & gas project in the North Sea. Exciting opportunities available for various trades, such as foremen, welders, pipefitters, platers, riggers, supervisory positions, electricians, electrical and mechanical technicians, material controllers, storemen, commissioning technicians, and many other trades, including experienced roustabouts and roughnecks. AMEC has an excellent record of operating since 1848 - that's over 160 years! - and employs up to 30,000 employees and workers in 40 countries around the world. Attention: this employer accepts CV / resumés either directly or via their approved recruitment agencies.

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