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How to get hired on oil rigs in Houston, Texas

Do it correct way

Writing and submitting your resumé to be considered as a candidate for entry level job on oil rigs in Houston, Texas, or whatever other location you could hope to land that dream roustabout position on oil rigs at, onshore or offshore, is an important step. But it could turn out a mere waste of time, if you do it in the wrong way. The truth is that oil companies HR managers and their recruiters at times are inundated by the flow of CV -s of the job seekers, who in addition don't have previous experience. High salaries on oil rigs in Texas do attract people hungry for employment, especially during recession periods. Needless to say, the majority of them don't get short listed for interview appointment, while others fail even to deserve the recruiter's glance, going instead directly to the trash folder.

There's a better and more efficient path available, though. Your chances as successful applicant for entry level oil rig job in Houston, TX, will increase exponentially, if you are smart enough a guy to take a time and go directly to the HR manager and speak to him in person asking for appointment. Such request, made in person, already ensures you will be noticed and your businesslike approach as a potential rig worker appreciated. Have your resumé with you in case the HR manager makes up his mind to talk to you immediately. But what if the HR manager hard to be reached or met in person? In that case, be inventive, and instead of submitting your CV following the standard procedure existing in this or that oil production company (usually they ask to apply online or by e-mail), send him a regular letter, again asking for appointment for job interview or better for time to talk to him or her in person. In this day and age of spam people still tend to open envelops when they receive regular mail. Believe me, you will be 100% noticed, and being noticed means 90% percent of success in this secluded oil and gas industry, where the majority of hiring occurs provided someone recommends you, especially that's true for getting your very first entry level position on oil rigs; once experience gained, you won't have problem trying to get hired for the second, third, etc. time with a different employer, in the state other than Texas, and even in the the other country half the world away from the USA - India, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil or Arctic.

My second piece of advice for you as an oil rig job seeker would be to try talk and get in contact with the people who already work on oil rigs in whatever capacity, roughneck, mechanic, motorman, electrician - no matter where that guy lives or works, not necessary in Houston (if he is in Houston, and doesn't mind to have a couple of beers with you, that's simply formidable!) Learn as much as possible about the requirements set for greenhands in oil and gas industry, what skills, courses, certifications, training may be applicable. Then try to get that training still before you submit your CV - you'll impress the HR manager in course of the interview. He isn't still impressed? No vacancy so far? Ask the recruiter what could be done from your behalf as inexperienced candidate so the oil company would consider seriously the possibility of granting you that entry level oil rig job? Listen carefully and make notes of everything that is required, then go and see whether you really can do that. If yes, then do what's needed and come back again.

Still no job offer from the company? Do not give up, be stubborn, motivated, and very goal oriented. Even if your application was rejected by employers in Houston, there are still array of the oil rig contractors that hire, hiring new staff for land based rigs and offshore platforms never stops, keep and keep trying. The point is oil and gas industry is to very large extent a project oriented industry, and majority of workers are dismissed as soon as their mission on the rig expires and the project is completed. When the new project on oil drilling is to start, forming the crew starts over again, therefore unless you've been told you are rejected because the company thinks oil job is not for you, keep contacting them on a regular basis. If required, do it every week, and do not even doubt, the day will come when one of the oil companies hiring in Houston will ask you to attend the interview in the capacity of valid candidate for your very first oil rig job.

And lastly, at times training programs that train individuals for working in oil industry can cost thousands of dollars. Use your common sense and make your own evaluation of your own abilities to perform hard labor on oil rigs. If you are sure you're up to the challenge, be sure that the money spent on training will be recovered very quickly after you started working on oil rig even in the role of roustabout, doing the dirtiest and the most physically demanding jobs no one else wants to do on the oil rig. But salary you will receive is well worth it. Revisit soon an learn more about issues in the domain of oil rig employment:

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