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Recruiters for oil companies in Aberdeen

There are many recruiters looking to hire hands and brains for performing oil and gas jobs in the UK offshore oil rigs in the North Sea off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland. If you speak good, fluent English, you already have advantage, provided you are candidate that meets all the rest of the requirements set for the employment on offshore oil platforms and other oil drilling installations and facilities at sea.

Recruiters and recruiting agencies that work in Aberdeen, have reputation of being fairly selective, considering so many people want a job on offshore rigs that offer such exclusive salary. Anyway, there's very little room for risking with a wrong candidate. Every bad fit for a specific position, be it roughneck (driller's helper) or ordinary roustabout, can cause serious loss in time and money for oil & gas employers - and consequently loss of confidence with the recruiter who might ultimately end up himself loosing his own highly prestigious HR job - that's why it is so difficult to talk to them, should the matters come to interview.

Therefore it's highly advisable to check out what essential qualifications are required for the next specific place offshore, even if the job title could be the same or similar. Be realistic. If you feel you aren't trained or skilled enough to fill the entry level oil position Aberdeen and work up to the recruiters expectations by performing one's duties the way the company describes them, you better not apply at all. Try to avoid the oil rig job interviews that you feel would be essentially pointless.

Aberdeen recruitment has been showing steady growth with more oil wells commissioned for active oil production in the North Sea, making Aberdeen a pivot of the European petroleum industry. The Aberdeen Harbor is one of the busiest ports in the UK and the main commercial port of Scotland that ensures the availability of support and logistics operation for offshore oil and gas industry in the entire North-West Europe. It's infrastructure includes heliport servicing oil rigs offshore Aberdeen. Recruiters in Aberdeen stay very close both to the employers and seekers of jobs in offshore oil industry helping them to meet each other.

Still, there are obstacles for foreigners coming outside of Europe.

Unless a jobseeker is a EU/Swiss citizen or a spouse of the UK national wishing to get employed to work in the UK sector of the North Sea on offshore platforms off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland, they will need the UK work permit. The work permit can be problematic to obtain, but if the offshore drilling company is really interested in hiring you to work on rigs, they will be ready to take the burden of proving before the competent authorities that they can't do without your unmatched high skills and have all the needed paperwork done for you.

All electrical engineers in the oil and gas industry can apply for getting the UK work permit based on the UK National Shortage Occupation List. The other professionals or technically skilled workers may also come to work to the UK as the result of being transferred within a corporate group of companies, for example from the main company in the USA, Brazil, India, or Mexico to its UK based subsidiary. This option can apply provided that the candidate has worked for at least 6 months in the corporate group outside Great Britain. Of course, this hardly can apply for roustabouts or entry level roughnecks with little previous experience of having work on offshore platforms.

Anyone seeking offshore rig employment in Aberdeen needs to know the minimal requirements for being employed in the UK. At least you should be ready to produce:

  • BOSIET offshore survival training certificate
  • medical certificate confirming oil job applicant has no contraindications for being hired on offshore platforms
  • Greenhand certificate

Of course, you'll have to pay for these, but if you do get offshore job in Aberdeen, you'll get all your investment back immediately with your very first entry level salary of roustabout or even galley cleaner.

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