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Trainee Oil Rig Jobs

Trainee Researcher specialized in Oil & Gas is needed to find and promote ongoing business initiatives in the field of oil exploration worldwide. Job location: will be based in London, the UK. London headquartered oil and gas recruitment company wants to hire a trainee Researcher to work in Oil & Gas. Successful candidate will have an opportunity to earn £ 18-20K per year, doing the research in areas involving Drilling, Operators, and Manufacturing. If hired, will be asked to research the latest known findings and generally everything occurring within the Oil & Gas sector, exchange the news, discuss the matters, and communicate with candidates within oil production industry in order to detect and discover business opportunities to be then tracked and followed by specialized consultants.

Seadrill Ltd - Houston, TX - announced looking for a Technical Trainee that would be expected to be capable to provide assistance in organizing shore based management and technical support of oil rig operations. Successful candidate would have previous hands on experience of having worked on oil rigs for the period of at least 2 years performing technical or electricity related role, should be US legal resident and/or hold valid permit for working in the USA. Minimum education/training: Mechanical Engineering or Electricity, or related technical degree from college or corresponding professional training institution. Should be motivated, ambitious, and willing to travel/work globally.

Floorman trainee class in El Reno, Oklahoma

Floorman Trainee class belongs to Rig Crew Development Program by Chesapeake Energy/Performance Technologies. The suggested Floorman Trainee vacancy is located in Dallas, TX, would be an entry level position with Chesapeake Energy's fully owned subsidiary that drills for oil. This is a full time job on permanent contract, the working is by shifts, the duration of a normal working day is 12 hours. Rotation schedule is 1-2 weeks on, and the same off. The earning potential for Forman trainee with this company starts at $US 21.25 an hour, but with overtime being paid for double and even triple, in this trainee position you can earn over $US 60,000 per annum already during your first year. Ideally successful applicant should live within 6 - 7 hour driving distance from oilfields in Western Oklahoma and Northern Texas. Who is required: successful candidates for positions of Floorman Trainee should be motivated, purposeful men or women, possibly without any experience of working in the oil and gas industry. (advertisement expired)

Employment for roustabouts on oil rigs

If you are resident of Texas, you should try to realize that besides numerous oil drilling/well servicing jobs available across oilfields of Texas, lots of the vacancies can be found in other locations both in the USA-Canada-Mexico and worldwide. That could be a true revelation for a local jobseeker, contrasting with what one might assume seeing the clusters of towering oil rig silhouettes scattered here and there throughout the state of Texas.

Today, jobs on oil rigs for the most part assume you'll work at sea, if hires as entry level roustabout. Most people seeking entry level job on the offshore platforms and land based oil rigs turn their eyes to companies like Chevron or BP. They believe that large corporations are the best employers who the chances of getting hired must be bigger with. But in fact the big companies are not performing much of drilling by themselves. They normally would outsource drilling for oil to smaller companies, for example Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. or other that actually drill for oil, service the existing wells etc. and hire both skilled and unskilled workers for this purpose. It is by contacting such smaller contractors that you are likely to find entry level offshore oil rig jobs like, say, roughneck or roustabout. Getting greenhand roustabout job on offshore oil rigs constitutes the surest and the quickest way to possibly start your co much lucrative career on offshore oil drilling installations and get inside the petroleum industry. Unskilled as they may be, roustabout jobs are very lucrative, and very well salaried positions. Roustabout vacancies are also one of the few unskilled jobs offshore allowing successful applicant to climb up the hierarchy through exploiting your talents and abilities to learn and pick up skills quickly as you go. Roustabout salary starts at $US 30,000 to $US 43,000 a year.

Working on offshore oil rigs in the capacity of roustabout or roughneck involves long hours of hard labor outdoors, often in harsh weather or climate environment, doing different sorts of cleaning, painting metal parts, assisting motorman and rig electricians, loading and unloading cargoes - usually 12 hours in a row being standard shift, if not more, if you are summoned to work overtime. While it may be physically demanding, it is well compensated. After having worked for a couple of months as manual laborer and having proven yourself, as beginner roustabout you have all chances to get assigned better paid jobs on offshore platforms.

Getting job as trainee roustabout

There are pre-qualifications that are important at the stage of pre-employment race to win an entry level oil rig job, especially if you do not have experience and apply for a position of roustabout. One recommendation is to e-mail your application to as many Aberdeen-based oil industry recruiters or directly to offshore contractors as only possible. The more you try, the better chances of getting employed at least as roustabout trainee.

Training program to become oil roustabout in Alaska

Another entry level training program is available from Doyon Drilling, Inc., who look to find suitable candidates to undergo training to become oil rig roustabouts. This program offers excellent chance for people that would like to pursue careers in oil drilling industry, but who don't know where to start in order to gain necessary knowledge and initial experience to get prepared to be hired for a job on oil rigs. If applicant has been shortlisted based on the CV, the next stage to go through is an interview in person. If chosen, a successful candidate will have to wait until he or she is contacted and updated on the vacancies available as soon as oil job opening occurs. When summoned, candidates will join a seven day training program and upon completion of the course sent to the North Slope.

Getting foot in the door of oil & gas industry

Although there are a certain obvious entry level jobs that seems to always come to mind when speaking about oil rigs, there are actually many jobs in the oil industry that tend to slip our minds. The most popular of these jobs have to deal with petroleum engineering. And, of course, there are the jobs associated with oil platforms, which include roughnecks, roustabouts, drillers, rotary mud engineers, and toolpushers. All these are certainly lucrative careers. There are also pipe work and include pipeline walkers, pipeline design engineers, and welders. The other oil jobs that involve chemistry vacancies available at refineries, petrochemicals, including engineers, chemical engineers, gaugers, and pump system operators. There is also a totally different field within this field referred to as earth sciences.

Oil companies

There are numerous oil companies in the world that hire people for entry level jobs (deckhands) on offshore platforms and on land based rigs. Some of the best known include Alberta oil sands, Atlantic Canadian offshore oil drilling, Prudhoe Bay Oil, Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Middle East Oil Field, North Sea oil and others. Big portion of the industry depends on the oil platforms located offshore, for example in the Gulf of Mexico. Consider other parts of the world either, for example Africa and countries like Mozambique, Nigeria, Angola. Working on oil rigs normally involves travelling to the locations where the new oil drilling projects could be implemented. Offshore oil drilling industry is rather project than a specific company like, for example, Transocean of BP focussed.

More than 57,000 oil workers in Angola are locals

It was announced by oil minister of Angola in Luanda that out of the total oil and gas jobs including oil rig jobs, about 57-60 thousand workers employed in the oil sector are Angolans, reflecting the concern to rely on locally trained oil rig workers in this segment of the national economy. The minister has advanced this explanation given when paid to Members in shift Legislative Authorization Act on Assignment Incentive Angolan Oil Companies, approved by the Parliament. Since the achievement of the independence, the Government has been concerned with giving jobs available in the oil sector to the country's citizens, starting with trainee staff through the award of scholarships.

Currently it can be seen that a large part of the oil companies have hired native Angolan citizens for many positions, including but not limited to roustabouts, roughnecks, and trainee workers for the oil rig jobs that do require skills. Back in 2009 parliament passed a decree that is concerned with the recruitment, integration and development of national human resources in this area and, in this context, special attention has been given to the career of the frames. As for the difference in wages between nationals and foreigners, base salary is identical compared to the same technical level. The discrepancy is that foreign workers have rights to additional subsidies inherent in their own countries. The incentives to oil companies allow them carry out their activities without constraints. Among the incentives is the reduction of taxes and production sharing contract, currently set at 50 percent, a value identical to the industrial tax, i. e. 30 percent. Another gain is reflected in the exemption from payment of the bonus contract, which is a requirement that is made in relation to contracts and production sharing after a certain contest as well as the exemption from the obligation to co-funding of research expenses.

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