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Oil rig employment in the Middle East and worldwide

Surprisingly enough, regardless of the situation on the general labor market, oil companies continue hiring new hands to work offshore, especially in the Middle East. That's why in case you're a motivated, sharp, and hard working individual looking start a promising career, it may have sense to take a closer look at some great opportunities available with the contractors that actually hire workforce for oil projects under way in the upstream oil industry by location. Oil drilling industry is very project oriented, and the big brand name corporations like Chevron, BP, or Royal Dutch Shell subcontract smaller companies that specialize in various aspects of the crude oil production process. It is exactly smaller (and often little known) businesses that aspire to win the field you might be looking for employment in. It's oil drilling contractors, or even better the recruiters that jobseekers will be dealing with while looking for their very first job on offshore oil rigs, especially if you are at low end.

For example, here are some of the recruitment agencies that recruit workforce/management staff for offshore oil and gas industry in Aberdeen, UK:

  • Hazell Engineering
  • Ipedex Uk Ltd
  • Orion Group
  • Orion Engineering Services
  • Strategic Resources European Recruitment Consultants Ltd

But that's just the top of the iceberg. Looking for entry level oil rig jobs worldwide and heed help? It is available right at your fingertips HERE. The database of vacancies on oil rigs all over the world including, but not limited to China, India, South Africa, Scotland, Greece, Nigeria, Brazil, Canada, Europe, USA, Australia, Norway, Asia, Middle East.

Mechanical engineers in oil industry

Mechanical engineers are the professionals that the oil industry will hire for many roles in offshore oil rigs operation. At the entry level the lowest education level for mechanical engineers is a Bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering. Having worked on rigs for a couple of years you become experienced professional and can count to earn around $US 78,000 per year, which is average salary for mechanical engineers offshore, according to Oil Jobs Review. The pay may vary, though, taking into account your real input, number of the years in the industry, the place where the job is located, the company that have contracted you, specifics of the project and the tasks you were hired for, and many, many other factors. Work can be in the office, but more often on oil fields directly on the platforms or derricks.

Opportunities for engineers in the Persian Gulf oil industry

There are numerous important job opportunities for mechanical engineers in the Gulf countries, i. e. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. The rich foundation of the region's oil and natural gas and availability of numerous offshore oil drilling, road and housing construction projects that need completion are constantly creating the new needs for engineering positions in all specialties, not just mechanical. There's vast need for specialized positions for engineers in the six Gulf countries, in most part requiring prior Bachelor's Degree and several years of prior work experience.

Indeed, there is an enormous demand for engineers in the six Persian Gulf Region countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council Gulf (GCC). These countries that comprise Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, have been increasingly becoming labor destinations for Western Europeans seeking escape from Europe's crisis. That's because the Gulf countries demonstrate the highest growth worldwide. Good scientific training makes job seekers the first choice of companies that offer high salaries. According to data from a recent survey by GulfTalent, most nationals of Western countries choose to opt to migrate and settle down in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, making up 46% and 26% of the total proportion of migrants. In third place comes the capital of Qatar, Doha.

Job placement opportunities by industries

Almost all industry sectors in the Gulf countries create jobs, but most of the new vacancies in the Middle East during the recent couple of years came from the oil and gas industry, healthcare, retail, information technology and engineering. The foreign nationals occupy the majority of positions accountants, managers, engineers (all disciplines), analysts and other high end jobs, especially in the oil production industry.


The positions in increased demand including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer engineers etc. apart from the successful candidates basic qualifications require significant work experience, which in most cases can play a crucial role. All vacancies in offshore oil drilling and in the petroleum industry require good knowledge of the English language.

United Arab Emirates - Jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Mechanical Engineer Instructor needed to work in Doha, the Engineering Salary for a successful candidate is $US 4,000-5,000. Qualifications: Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 5-7 years of work experience in the oil & gas industry / chemical / petrochemical or similar working environment, good knowledge of English. Another position is available in Engineering (A) Safety - Training, Location: Al Ahmadi; Field: Petroleum / Oil & Gas; Qualifications: Degree in chemical or mechanical engineering

Preference to the Europeans

Employers in the Gulf countries, both local national and multinational, focus particularly on resumés of candidates from the Western countries, as currently there's a huge pool of highly skilled staff that can hardly be found elsewhere. Indeed, most companies offer higher salaries to foreign nationals than Asians to lure them to work for them. For over 80% of foreign workers in the six Arab countries the wages being offered are higher than what they earned in their homeland. Generally the Gulf countries experience significant growth compared to the rest of the world, both due to the high price of oil and other public and private investment in the region.

The oil rig jobs and the positions for the taking inside petroleum industry salaries are generally excellent, and much better paid for at all levels than similar jobs in non-oil industries. That's true even for physical laborers like roughnecks and roustabouts without experience, say nothing of the engineering, supervisory, or administrative positions. Be advised, though, to ask professional advice and evaluation, whether it makes sense specifically for yourself to invest your time and effort and apply.

As oil rigs need to be continuously maintained, oil rig workers and employees usually stay on duty 2 weeks in a row followed by 14 days off, which leaves enough time for active recreation, sports, hobbies, travelling, site seeing, exploring the local region, or just relaxing. That's yet another benefit for folks employed on offshore oil rigs worldwide vs someone doing their boring job in a stuffy office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. close to their home.

The further benefits of having an oil rig job include long lasting and emotionally very rewarding friendships with fellow oil drilling crew members, all your recreational, eating, and sleeping needs catered to, and on the top of all that having lots of opportunities to get promoted quickly that exist on offshore oil rigs for sharp, focused, and ambitious workers. Quick promotion means you could start earning exponentially better earlier than you expected that to happen. Every next higher ranking position on oil rig immediately results in an increased salary and bonuses.

Jobs in the oil rig industry include entry level positions for candidates without prior offshore oil rig experience such as Welders, Scaffolders, Roustabout, Medics/Oil Rig Nurses, Radio Operators, Mud Engineers, Painters, Electricians, Mechanical Engineers.

Just some of the oil rig vacancies available aboard comprise Barge Engineers, Crane Operators, Maintenance Forman, Drillers, Control Room Operators, Motorman, Subsea Engineers, Painters, Catering Crew, Steward, Galleyhand, Maintenance Roustabout, Roughneck, Company Representative, Toolpusher, Maintenance Supervisors, Derrick Crew, Mechanics, Pumpman, Offshore Installations Managers, and many more, the list goes on and on.

Land based oil rig jobs in the USA

Roustabout oilfield services in Wyoming and Texas, including employment opportunities for welders on oil rigs.

Pat's Roustabout Service in Wamsutter, Wyoming, may be the place to find rig worker vacancies. That's why we decided to do just a bit of our own independent research to find out opportunities available for the job seekers of positions in the oil production related fields with this employer. The extended review is to be published soon. The corporation, as it title prompts, provides oil field and welding services to some of the local oil exploration and crude oil production industry, such as rig welding/trenching, casing thread cleaning, sandblasting, etc. More information is available at (307) 320-8439. Related: Pat's Roustabout Service in Carthage, TX - Site Preparation Contractors, owned by Bob Patterson. Services provided: sandblasting.

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