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Pumpman jobs in the oil industry

Pumpman is a job available on oil tankers. The pumpman position is responsible for operating and maintenance of the tanker's liquid cargo transfer system.

The ads found on the Internet job search sites revealed the salaries that oil and maritime companies are willing to pay currently to pumpmen, and the wages really range. What size of salary can you expect for Pumpman? Here's what they pay per month based on the experience of the candidates who were successfully hired:

  • $US 1000 salary was offered for the job of Pumpman for Bunkering Tanker, 3 contracts were awarded with the duration of six months
  • $US 1500 compensation was offered for the position of Pumpman on ch/oil tnk, for the 4 +/- 1 months temporary contract, good English language was the pre-requisite
  • Vacancy of Pumpman (Donkerman) on Oil products tanker at the port of Riga with mixed crew, sailing worldwide, the language required Russian, was filled by suitable candidate a few days ago. The salary while en route with this employer is while en route $US 2000, and $US 1875 per month in repair time. 3 and more contracts are available from time to time as available on the same type of ships at the same time
  • Experienced Pumpman to work on tanker trading in the Mediterranean Sea, the salary $US 2500 - 2800 per month

These are to give an idea to the maritime and offshore oil rig job seekers what they could expect from Pumpman vacancy. The jobs are offered by legitimate recruiting company in Latvia, Amber Shipping Line Ltd., engaged in crewing operations since 2007.

Interested in the related vacancies available on offshore platforms? Rigworker can be helpful. Has more vacancies at a time for the right fits than you could imagine! The candidates need to be motivated and ambitious, not afraid of working in the demanding environment, but the salaries are exponentially bigger, even for entry level jobs of roustabouts and roughnecks without prior experience in the maritime industries.

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Locations: Qatar, Nigeria, Iraq Basra, St. John's Newfoundland, Canada, Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Angola, Russia, Persian Gulf, India Mumbai, UAE Dubai, Australia. Brevan Oil and Gas Services need workers, possibly with little experience to work in a positions of Pumpman on FPSO offshore Brazil. The list of Pumpman Oil Rig vacancies in South Africa to be published soon.

The Pumpman job is related to Derrickman on oil rigs. People for Derrickman/Pumpman positions are massively recruited by oil rigs in Nigeria, should have a valid TBOSEIT certificate and be not older than 35 years.

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