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Oil rig jobs offshore Canada, at Newfoundland

For the most part offshore oil rig jobs in Canada are located 300 kilometers east off St. John's, N.L.

The work on offshore platforms never stops, and at any given time there are more than 700 men and women working regardless of the harsh weather conditions at the major Hibernia, Terra Nova and SeaRose oilfields. 5 % of the oil rig workers are women whose jobs are in catering or in the galleys.

In Canada there are government funded training courses and programs available for men and women wishing to work on offshore platforms, so there's a valid chance to get an entry level job without any previous hands on experience. The schedule is 3 working weeks on offshore platforms or mobile oil exploration units followed by 3 weeks of leave, which means oil rig workers and employees work six months a year, receiving thus the one year salary for actually working half the time.

Housekeeping and catering jobs can pay more than $60,000 a year, and salaries increase for the skilled positions.

In Canada's offshore oil drilling industry the working conditions are worse than in Norway, where they must be the best within the terms of the time you spend offshore. In Norway it is 2 weeks on oil drilling installations in the North Sea, and 4 weeks off, while in the UK's part of the North Sea, the rotation scheme is normally 2 weeks on and 3 off.

There's a real shortage of the workforce in the Canadial oil extraction industry, therefore it is in Canada where the best oil field jobs for recent college graduates with relevant diplomas are available.

Work on oil rigs in Canada

The province of Alberta focuses on exploitation of oil in the form of oil sands. For oil rigs job seekers should look towards Newfoundland, located in the Atlantic. The major oil companies you may be working for are Esso, Petro-Canada, Irving. It appears that the cost of living around the oil sites operated is proportional to wages and salaries that you earn in oil and gas, i. e. very expensive.

Canada Oilfields

Pembina oil field, Swan Hills Field, and Rainbow Lake Field are 3 major canadian oilfields located in the province of Alberta, Canada. The other oilfields are: Greater Sierra Field, otherwise called Helmet Area, is located in BC, to the north-east from Fort Nelson and then extends to reach through Alberta; Hibernia offshore oil field near St. John's, Newfoundland, as well as Terra Nova oilfield off the coast of NL. Melville Island oil sands, Cold Lake oil sands, Athabasca oil sands, White Rose Field.


From among the companies that hire people for oil rigs in Canada is Husky Energy Inc., which is also a known employer that is said to offer entry level job vacancies that do not require experience. The company drills for oil and natural gas in Calgary and Alberta (Canada), but also has a large part of its operations in the USA and China. There's also Apache Corporation with the head office in Houston, Texas. This large multinational oil company has also offices in Canada, Argentine, Egypt, Australia, and the UK (North Sea)

Q & A

I am from Ivory Coast, cook, I am currently on a French tanker ship company, receiving poor salary and 6 months of sailing you do. 6 months of navigation are bearable but the salary spoils everything, I am also in search for a job on platform I heard that Canada pays well

We answer questions and review employment opportunities and jobs available on the oil rigs operated by companies engaged in the exploration and oil production activities in various locations around the world, not just in Canada or the Newfoundland specifically. Therefore, if you're an individual looking for an entry level job on oil rigs like roughneck, roustabout or someone in catering where salaries are also excellent, even for the unskilled workers such as dish washers, all kings of helpers, or galley hands in the kitchen, or if you are a professional with experience in the oil sector maritime employment, there's always something interesting for you. Therefore re-visit often.

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