Norway oil drilling companies are hiring now roughnecks for entry level position. No experience required.
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Vacancies oil rig Norway

Vacancies on the oil platform in Norway Roustabout \ Roughneck

You must have heard a lot about job on Norway oil rig which called "offshore", i.e. off the coast. It is often involve quite long hours to work on an oil platform and you work in weekly shifts, which can be both physically and mentally demanding, but on the other hand, it has also long periods of recess and a chance to earn good money.

We were visiting Bergen on Vestland, Norway, last week and was again a confirmation that there is a growing need for skilled labor. The picture shows our CEO, Victor North, and sales manager Lisa Öhrlund Madsen when they were visiting FMC in Ågotnes. It was thanks to the ISS Staff house we got the opportunity to meet FMC.

The result of our trip to the mountains and a very good week in general is that eight new companies have joined the Sweden-Norway and come through our system contact and hire Swedes who want to work in Norway.

If you want to start working on Oil & Gas (Offshore) in Norway, we will soon connect more businesses to our service. Make sure that your profile is updated and searchable.

Right now we have the greatest need for:
- Electrician
- Mechanic
- Welder
- Pipelayers / plumbing technician
- Sellers

There is also demand in unskilled workers with no experience:
- Roughneck
- Steward
- Cook

In case you are looking for job vacancies on oil rigs of Norway so the easiest way is if you have any existing contacts that might be working or have worked on the oil rig before. If you have not, it becomes immediately more difficult, but you can still keep your eyes open and hope that potential oil job will appear in the Swedish or Norwegian Employment Services pages, or on any other Internet site. Forums are a great way to find out about available vacancies on Norway oil rigs because these jobs are not always advertised publicly and tips on forums often come from those who already work in the offshore oil platform.

Another great way to find job is to do it by yourself being as active as possible and contacting potential employers, it always gives a good impression. There are also agencies in Norway specializing in the offshore sector and if you are looking for job in Norway you can subscribe to their lists, and they will contact you as soon as they find suitable vacancies for you.

Positions on oil rigs involves very different professions and most of them have not anything related to oil drilling. Oil rig vacancies may include nurse, cook, electrician, mechanic, craftsman, welder, general labors or something else. If you are looking for vacancies on oil rig it might be good to take a safety training with helivelt in advance as this is something that is required of everyone who works on an oil rig. It may also need some other knowledge and skills but they always mentioned in the job advertisement.

Looking for a offshore job in Norway with no experience?

If you have never been working on oil rigs and have no other offshore experience or military background there are lots of jobs that require neither skills nor offshore experience. In this case you are wellcome to get entry level positions of: dishwasher, steward, waiter, storeman, green hand, galley hand, floorhand, roustabout roughneck, utility hand and others. The most popular is Roughneck.

Roughneck is a common entrance profession for those who want to work in the offshore sector. On position of roughneck You are responsible for the practical tasks on the deck on the oil platform. Roughneck have the lowest level salary.

Common Roughneck's tasks\duties:

- Maintenance of power rotary and percussion drilling machines and equipment for drilling oil and gas wells
- Clear and change drill strings, gaskets and pipe
- Maintenance of equipment and drill pipe to put in the right place
- Controlling hydraulic and mechanical equipment
- Have emergency information

One of related to Roughneck position is Roustabout This is an entry professional to work offshore. Roustabout is working on the deck in a team of 3-4 people where the crane operator is the boss.

Roustabout's Duties may include:

- Using the rotary and percussion drilling machinery and equipment for oil or gas drilling.
- Controlling hydraulic and mechanical equipment.
- Clear and change drill strings, bushings and tubes.
- Maintenance of equipment and put the tubing in place.
- Have contingency trials fire guard, fire fighters, MOB boat and heli guard (guard helicopter).
- Cleaning the tire.
- Receiving containers.
- Placement of equipment

But if you are intelligent you can quickly gain some skills and become driller assistant. And help driller to do his job at the same time learning his trade. Driller is the person who responsible for leading and working operations on the drill floor, in the pump room, sludge treatment area and drill tower. He work under the supervision of Drilling Supervisor.

There are many oil companies that are hiring unexperienced workers: Aker, DnB NOR, Helse Øst rfh, Statkraft, Reitangruppen, Tine ba, Kommunal Landspensjonsk, Norske Skogindustrier, Total E&P Norge, Norsk Hydro, Coop Norge, Aker Yards, Esso Norge, NorgesGruppen, Helse Sør rhf, Coop NKL ba, Orkla, Yara International, a/s Norske Shell, Statoil, ConocoPhillips Scandinavia, ExxonMobil Exploration, Aker Kværner, Veidekke, Telenor, Storebrand, Posten Norge, Eni Norge.

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