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What country is the best to get employed in oil industry?

The oil exploration industry is constantl—É growing generating new entry leve job openings and encreases salaries for its workers.

How much can I earn in oil rigs of Mexico?

Wages in the oil and gas industry in Mexico has grown up just over 14%. According to the annual average local wage recorded among the 53 countries participating in the Wage Guide of oil and gas sector the Aztec nation situated at No. 30.

2012 was a productive year for Mexico in the oil and gas industry and recorded increases of salaries, allowances and other conditions. The same can not be said for other industries. During the last 12 years this one has created greater wealth than any other industry. But aside that almost all countries in the world try to secure their petroleum hereafter, because of oil deposits explorations, enlargement production and infrastructure development, the demand for oil and gas, in all its forms, definitely growing.

With this in mind, the division of Hays Oil & Gas, collaborates once again with the job world leader in oil and gas sector, Oil and Gas Job Search, to create comprehensive guide to wages and employment in industry.

Salary Guide 2013 provides an unprecedented amount of valuable data and information, collected from the participation of more than 25,000 professionals, including employees and employers fo oil and energy sector worldwide.

The study of Oil and Gas Global Salary Guide 2013 made by Hays, leading international professional recruitment for positions in middle management and senior management, puts Mexico at No. 30, according to the annual average local wage recorded among the 53 countries participating in the Wage Guide oil and gas industry worldwide. Wages in the Aztec country soared by over 14%.

Mexico is one of the best and well paying drilling locations in the world. The companies located here provides huge compensations and benefits for its rig workers. If you have no experience you can find jobs on a rig in the gulf of mexico as a roughneck, dishwasher, steward, waiter, carterer or storeman.

Within the oil and gas sector in Mexico, a local employee receives an average annual salary of $ 50,000, and in the case of imported rig workers, our country gets to pay U.S. $ 132,000 (average annual salary).

Globally professionals in the oil and gas industry recorded significant wage growth due to sustained development that mark is registered, in the relatively stable oil prices and a shortage of qualified rig workers worldwide.

The good performance of the global oil industry during 2012 resulted an increase in the level of exploration and production of hydrocarbons, activities leading companies to increase the base salary by 8.5% (global average local annual salary) in goal of retaining and recruiting qualified personnel.

The local annual average salary among the 53 countries participating in the study of Hays from U.S. $ 80,458 in 2011 to U.S. $ 87,300 in 2012.

Salary Guide 2013 reveals that there is an increase in compensation packages, but especially in relation to bonds, an increase of 21% for this type of benefit versus 2012, which is the main mechanism of attraction and retention of rig workers for employers in this sector.

Nearly 65% of respondents received some kind of benefit or additional compensations to their base salary.

According to the average local salary annual reports the Guide, the countries that offer the best salaries in the industry are Australia (U.S. $ 163,600), Norway (U.S. $ 152,600), New Zealand (U.S. $ 127,600), the Netherlands (U.S. $ 123,800) and Canada (U.S. $ 123,000).

By contrast, countries that recorded the lowest annual local wages are Sudan (U.S. $ 31,100), Pakistan (U.S. $ 32,600), Romania (U.S. $ 34,400) and Yemen (U.S. $ 35,100).

On a scale from high to low in terms of the local average annual salary throws each country, Mexico is located at number 30.

Finally, despite European concerns about slowing growth in China, the industry continues to react positively. Current employees and new entrants in the sector can expect to develop within a dynamic industry and interested in providing benefits to its employees.

In its fourth year of publication, the Guide as a reference work on recruitment and employment trends in the oil and gas industry, becoming valuable information for those decision makers who seek to recruit rig workers from other countries.

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