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Oil & Gas jobs in Singapore for Indians

The Indians are advised to contact this Singapore based recruiter for job placement on offshore oil rigs in the Pacific Region: Robert Walters is the international oil & gas recruitment agency that has an office in Singapore and maintains a database of employers and candidates they work to bring together. The other offices of Robert Walters are located in Australia and other countries of the world such as Brazil, over 50 up to date. The agency is known for recruiting workers and employees for oil & gas upstream sector. The division headquartered by the office in Singapore specializes in recruiting specialists needed for work in the following areas:

  • Subsea
  • Subsurface
  • Shipping and Marine
  • HSE

Candidates with previous experience of having worked in Asia, Indians including, are considered ideal fits and have the best chances of getting hired for different projects in offshore oil drilling in this part of the world.

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Regardless of rise ups and slowdowns, the shortage of the oil rig workers seems to be permanently there. Petroleum companies will keep hiring new workers as long as the industry itself is going to exist. As for the current moment, the demand for the good candidates to fill the vacancies available in the upstream oil sector exceeds the actual supply of workers in many world oil exploration and extraction locations and countries such as Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and the rest of South East Asia.

Most entry-level jobs are available in the crude oil production, meaning exploration and extraction of oil from the various onshore and offshore reservoirs, the majority of which are located on seabed.

Recruiters for oil rigs in India can be found in major cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, as wel as in the locations such as Kolkata, Indore, Pune, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Visakhapatnam, Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara / Baroda, Lucknow, Ernakulam, Kochi / Cochin, Navi Mumbai, Noida, and others.

Possible benefits offered by oil rig jobs

While working on offshore oil rigs you enjoy many benefits as free accommodation and free meals while on board a platform, free transportation to and from the job location, they pay your airfare, profit sharing plans, retirement programs, insurance.

Good thing about oil rig careers is that for many entry level jobs, like roustabout or painter, you do not need college education, only high school and normally ability to speak and understand the English language. While assessing whether you could be a good fit recruiters normally pay primary attention to candidate's physical shape and personal qualities like ability to learn things quickly as you go. Being in excellent health condition goes without saying. For low end positions like roustabout or roughneck, you get on hands training as you work side by side with more experienced rig workers - that's where actually you decide whether work on offshore oil rigs is for you, if you are up to the challenge of having to work in isolated place at see with limited number of people to socialize with for long hours and weeks of work. The turnaround of workforce on offshore platforms is exceptionally high, and many leave after just a couple of months if not weeks. Nevertheless, if you do meet the challenge, the bottom level positions of galley hand, steward in catering, roustabout or roughneck on the drilling deck or in maintenance are the jobs on an offshore platform, from which you may work your way up and get promoted to one of more specialized, less risky, and better salaried positions like a Derrickman, Assistant Crane Operator, Motorman, Electrician, Camp Boss etc. The other immediate types of oil rig positions for the taking include, but are not limited to a Driller, Mechanic etc., and eventually you may end up by making your way to the responsible position of a Toolpusher or even oil rig Manager. The proispects of career grown are unlimited, provided someone is ambitious.

Recently hired: Roustabout/ Loader for Offshore Operations - by OFS Petroleum Pvt Ltd in Mumbai; Kitchen Technician Helper - by Cosmic Travels and Placements Pvt. Ltd to work in Dubai/ UAE in oil and gas production, manufacturing, and maintenance for attractrive salary; Rig Mechanic, Rig Manager, Barge Engineer, Tool Pusher by GoldLeaf Corporation to work in oil & gas industry in Mumbai, India. About the recruiter: GoldLeaf Corporation recruites globally offering HR solutions for many industries including O & G, has representatives and agents throughout India, the Gulf , Africa & in the USA; Candidates for the positions of Chief Platform Electrician, Driller, Chief Mechanic were contracted by Jindal Drilling and Industries Ltd. (JDIL) to work on offshore rigs. Jindal Drilling, employing more than 3000 workers and employees, is an Indian company with annual revenues exceeding US$ 750 million providing offshore drilling services since 1983.

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    It can be very beneficial to start in the petroleum industry on land oil rigs, where the jobs and responsibilities are very similar to jobs offshore, but the latter suggest better salaries. With the experience gained, you are guaranteed to get employed if you apply in the offshore sector.

    Important: Let it not slip from your attention that oil rig jobs are not just very demanding physically, but also can be dangerous at times. Though security issues are taken very seriously by oil companies, accidents do happen, with people sometimes getting injured or even killed. Nevertheless, thousands of risky and adventurous job seekers never stop applying and competing for the opportunity to get hired on oil rigs and try their chances. Having read this, you may or may not change your mind concerning starting a career in the offshore oil drilling, it's up to you to decide. Here is the short list of some of the companies you may be contracted to work one day for in exchange for the great salary and benefits they offer: Saudi Arabian Oil Company - Saudi Aramco, headquartered in Dhahran; The National Iranian Oil Company (Teheran); Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; Qatar Petroleum; Petroleos de Venezuela, state owned enterprise in South America.

    Oil rig jobs definitions: Galley Hand

    Offshore Galley Hand definition: In Oil Rig Jobs, a Galley Hand is a catering position otherwise referred to as kitchen helper whose responsibilities include helping the other catering crew members in the galley (kitchen) area to maintain it clean and tidy to conform the sanitary standards, works under the supervision of Offshore Oil Rig Steward. Can be asked to prepare the food that would be cooked by the cook and/or assist in cooking and serving the food. Good candidate for this entry level position on oil rigs is someone who used to work as dish washer, has prospects of becoming cook, head cook, chef, or even camp boss.

    Tags: offshore galley jobs. Searches related to offshore galley hand jobs: galley hand definition, offshore galley hand jobs in Dubai, job vacancies in Qatar, offshore catering jobs. Mechanical Engineer; Sub-sea engineer supervisor; Mud engineer. Indian crew Singapore recruitment.

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