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Offshore employment in Colombia. Job openings.

Wages in the oil industry are between 20% and 30% higher comparably with the average salaries found in other branches of the economy. The companies aim to retain skilled workers, because there is a great demand for professionals with specific expertise.

Oil companies in Colombia increasingly improve their remuneration because in this industry there is a high competition for staff to advance the exploration and exploitation activities. This has led to the base salary paid is the highest compared to those offered in other areas of the economy.

This is confirmed by labor experts and reports Labor Observatory of the Ministry of Education, the Colombian Federation of Human Resource Management and the National ACRIP international headhunting firm Hays Oil and Gas, among others. For example, research director of National ACRIP salaries, Lorenzo Ruiz, said that investigations make it clear that there is a marked difference in pay between the mining and energy compared to other economic sectors. In this context, companies engaged in extractive work have higher salaries, between 20% and 30%, when compared with the national average, which includes other sectors also considered good payers such as telecommunications, financial services and pharmaceutical chemist.

Employment opportunity with no experience for general labors.

While high growing demand of skilled workers on Colombia oil rigs there is also wide range of entry level positions. Offshore jobs hiring with no experience new comers to positions of roustabout, galley hands, kitchen cleaner. One thing to pay attention is that there is also grate employment opportunity for caterers. You if you have any cook experience onshore, surely you could work offshore. Usually, oil rig houses hundreds of people that are working all the time changeover by day\night shifts, these platforms are authentic cities upon the sea. These same people need to eat, and nutrition of workers are very important, so the importance of a cook in the platform is very high.There are available positions of kitchen cleaner, cook, chef cook, night baker, camp boss and others.

The boom of oil exploitation in Colombia, has led that the companies need to increase the amount of personnel that already operating, increasing of employment caused high competition for workers with high skills. Addition to competition for qualified personnel, there also plays large role high wages that are largely stimulates professionals to travel to remote areas where advancing the exploration and production activity. This process also caused Colombian offshore companies hiring unexperienced workers to entry level positions. There is demand of waiters, dishwashers, stewards, store men, green hands, floor hand, utility hand, roustabouts, manual Labor, roughnecks, general labors.

Colombia salaries and rewards

Not only wages in the oil industry are attractive, companies also offer a number of additional payments that increase the appetite to work with companies in the industry. Among the most outstanding compensation, according to the National ACRIP, are the following: life insurance, supplemental health plans (as prepaid medicine), education and food aid, and support for home purchases. The aim is that the worker is not only well paid, but that has additional benefits that stimulates workers to stay in the company so that can improve their quality of life and protect their families.

In Colombia, in general, it is estimated that less than 50% - 60% of companies provide any additional benefits to wages, while in the oil sector the vast majority of companies have implemented some benefit of this type. Oil exploration companies provide variable compensations and bonuses for middle and high position holders. These systems are intended to cause interest of managers with the search results of the company. And for senior managers also offered, in some cases, profit sharing.

Colombia in a global perspective. Increasing job openings

The annual wages in the Colombian oil sector are competitive in the global spectrum. Colombia's oil industry was ranked thirteenth in the ranking of Hays, involving 53 countries, with an average base salary in 2012 of U.S. $ 81,700. According to experts, this range allows local industry retain staff to continue their intensive search for oil, as well as in purpose to increase production and reserves. Colombia's base salary a substantial increase compared to 2011, when the average was U.S. $ 69,000.

According to the study of Hays Oil and Gas, the good performance of the global oil industry took in 2012 will increase the level of exploration and production of oil and gas, activities prompted companies to increase the base salary by 8.5% to sustain and recruit qualified personnel. Wage growth global industrial base is representative, bearing in mind that in 2011 the increase was 6.13%. In turn, the average base salary between countries rose from U.S. $ 80,458 in 2011 to U.S. $ 87,300 in 2012.

Among countries with higher wages were Australia (U.S. $ 163,600) and Norway (U.S. $ 152,600). And among the highest ranking also ranked New Zealand (U.S. $ 127,600), the Netherlands (U.S. $ 123,800) and Canada (U.S. $ 123,000). By contrast, countries that recorded the lowest annual salaries are Sudan (U.S. $ 31,100), Pakistan (U.S. $ $ 32,600), Romania (U.S. $ 34,400) and Yemen (U.S. $ 35,100).

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