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Working offshore on oil rigs is not always an easy experience. Free time and available space are few on oil rigs, and the separation from family and usual environment are not a significant factor. On the other hand, the good pay (about 23,000 Euros per year) and holiday periods are long enough (working a half month and than take vacation of a month) can reward from hard work.

The types of tasks are more varied. In Dubai oil companies require engineers, geologists and geophysicists, drillers, accountants, administrators, researchers, analysts, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and other divers. Generally, the minimum age for all workers on the platforms is between 25 and 35 years old and must have completed a course of survival Offshore, have work experience and a perfect state of health. But there is no need in experience to apply entry level job such as roustabout and the minimum age for this job is 18 years old.

Many job seekers are thinking that Dubai is such place where you can earn lots of money for the same job you were doing at home. This may be true to some extent - Dubthe fact that Dubai is very favorable taxation to increase profits so you can earn much higher than in your native land. There are about 80% of foreigners among of Dubai's population and competition for desired oil field jobs can be very cruel. It is better to get contract on hands from oil company before arriving to Dubai. But there are some advantages to arrive to Dubai, in the hope to find entry level position on oil rig, against to the search in motherland. it is obvious that most of the oil companies more likely hire a person located on the territory of Dubai rather than outside (that is, an employee who can be interviewed live), rather than receiving additional worries and encreased risk of hiring an "invisible" person. None menie, should keep in mind there is no assurance you will find oil job before the visa will expire.

Looking for an oil job in Dubai through recruitment agency. And not only in Dubai, you can find you position of roustabout in North Sea, Norway, Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and others.

Once a unemployed one has got oil drilling job and became contractor, an agreement will be signed so that the employer pays all your subsequent costs. The contract should include basic salary, title and description, the contract termination options among other points. It is necessary to discuss all package including salary and terms of accommodation. As usual, oil companies provides benefits: coverage for medical insurance, utilities / catering, transportation costs including transportation to workers country of origin after expiration of contract. Every business is different and packages vary. The working shift lasts two weeks, each working day lasts 12 hours with up to 1.5 hours break in the middle of the day. After you has fulfilled shift you are being transported by helicopter to the shore.

The proponent must manage all documents required by the government for foreign workers, including obtaining the employee Health job visa, and WC. A company PRO (Public Relations Officer) is generally managing the logistics, so that all documents arrive in government offices necessary for approval. First request of an employee is approved by the Ministry of Labour, the employee undergoes a medical examination, and finally all relevant documents are transferred to the Ministry of the Interior, which has the stamp of the residence visa in the passport of employee. Working visas are valid for a maximum period of three years even if they are renewable.

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Find Dubai oil jobs online in recruitment agencies

For those who hope to find oil job in Dubai, there are various ways to take. There are several recruitment agencies with good reputation available to assist job seekers in their job search These recruiting companies are helping to get hired on major oil exploration companies in Dubai: Lamprell Energy Ltd, Burley SubSea (commercial divers and underwater welding jobs), Dragon Oil, Likpin LLC, RTE Group, Specialist Services. As there are many recruitment agencies in operation, it is always advisable to do some research on their reputation and methods before using their services. Unfortunately, it is not a rare event for job seekers in the poorest countries to spend all their savings of a lifetime for unscrupulous paying agents who falsely promise visas and oil field jobs.

For those who choose to search online there are also a host of options and information available. Some excellent resources include job sites such as Bayt.com or GulfTalent.com, directories such as GulfJobsSites.com, as well as sites of free online classifieds that list oil field jobs in Dubai.

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