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Oil rig medic/nurse

Oil rig nurse is one of many specializations available for qualified nurses with a diploma from an accredited nurse school. This position also belongs to entry-level oil rig jobs and it offers really exciting opportunities for someone single who has no problem staying away from family for extended periods of time. Work schedule for an offshore platform nurse/medic is typical. As a rule, oil rig medic/nurse will stay on duty 12 hrs a day 7 days a week during 2 weeks in a row and work on a rotation schedule, with each next 2 weeks free for recreation onshore. This means you work for the net time of 6 out of 12 months a year. Ideal candidate for this position would be a certified nurse, male or female, single, with experience of treating emergency patients.

Oil rig nurse salary

The salary of oil rig nurse can vary from contractor to contractor and depend on the offshore location as well as many other factors. Though, if the role of oil rig medic is assigned to certified nurse, that person can expect to earn lump salary of $US 120 K plus per annum plus enjoy the many benefits available for other offshore oil rig workers and employees. Now just compare those figures with $US 65,000 a year - the salary of land based certified nurse with experience, $US 25,000 yearly salary for nurse assistant, or $US 40,000 average wage for practical licensed nurse, if you are in the USA.

You do not need to by a medical doctor

Position of rig medic/oil rig nurse is very autonomous, and in the most situations he or she acts on their own, unsupervised by someone with a degree of medical doctor. The doctor would normally stay onshore and could be contacted by radio, or by the Internet in case consultation is needed or if there's an accident or emergency you feel you lack competence to handle independently. With an array of other responsibilities, such as keeping medical records, ordering supply of medical items, training other oil rig crew members to provide first aid etc., the oil rig nurse is normally a member of the rig management or administration team, charged both with the responsibilities and powers to issue order within the limits of their competence.

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Education and credentials that could improve your chances to get job of oil rig nurse

Utica's online RN-BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) training program could improve your chances of getting entry level job of oil rig nurse dramatically, because it grants academic credit for national certification. The suggested online RN-BS Nursing program has been designed to teach the students the same faculty that can be learned on campus. It's an opportunity to earn highly prestigious credential in Nursing accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Oil rig nurse job description and requirements

Even a trained paramedic can get an entry level job of oil rig medic, but candidates with training and degree like Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BS Nursing>) from an accredited professional medical training institution such as Utica College in New York, will certainly get preference. Even if far from being as risky as job a member of oil drilling crew like roustabout or roughneck, the work of oil rig nurse is very challenging and requires the ability to work long hours in the environment that can be stressful. From the other hand, the salary of oil rig nurse or medic is outstanding. The other benefit that you will have much free time for recreation and self development, because the same as the rest of offshore platform workers the nurse works only 6 months a year. Good thing is that you can save the bigger part of your salary, because your meals are served and paid for by employer, the same as all kinds of catering like laundry and the rest. Working offshore at a long distance from land bases, nurse on oil rig enjoys much independence being both entitled and capable to take important decisions on their own. You need to work continuously on your qualification level and be apt and competent in many aspects of the normal stationary nursing job: drug measuring and prescription, first aid, trauma, treatment of acute conditions, ER, diagnostics. Oil rig nurse is responsible for the platform ream members overall health, and that's a very important role.

Employment opportunities abroad

Another popular and highly beneficial advantage for this professional is that you have plenty of opportunities to get hired abroad as foreign specialist to work as oil rig nurse in the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries around the world, where salaries for oil rig nurses can be as high and sometimes even higher than in the USA, Norway, Brazil or the UK. Especially the opportunities are valid for the Middle East, whose countries economies are highly dependent on the foreign workforce. In order to consider this option and to become successful candidate you need to be Registered Nurse (RN), have prior experience in the emergency medicine, and have the required certifications such as, for example CPR. As crews on the oil rigs normally speak English regardless of the offshore location, it is not necessary to learn the local language. From the other hand, some restrictions apply. For example, you don't have chances to get hired as oil rig nurse in the UAE, if you are a female, at some recruiters even state openly they won't hire a woman:

Offshore Oil Rig Male Nurse vacancy in Abu Dhabi

Male Nurse is needed to work on oil rigs offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE. Successful candidate will be an applicant who speaks perfect English and has at least five years of experience working in the capacity of general practice nurse, a holder of nursing diploma from a recognized medical college or nurse school. If contract is awarded, this will be a permanent type contract for the job stationed in Das Island hospital, but occasionally requiring traveling by helicopter to offshore based oil drilling installations or oil tankers. The salary is generous and can be negotiated.

Offshore Nurse with Bachelors Degree required to work offshore Abu Dhabi.

This is fantastic opportunity for anyone with experience in emergency word, should be Registered Nurse. This oil rig medic job is on rotation schedule alternating six weeks offshore with the same amount of days of paid for as well. The offered salary - AED 11,000 per month (approximately $US 3,000). Male candidates only, please.

Full-time job for Registered Nurse, the job location: Dubai

Known third party recruiter, the Pulse International, looking for a suitable candidate who would be a foreign college trained, experienced Registered nurse with at least 3 years of practical experience to work in a 159 bed medical unit in Dubai. Generous tax free salary plus benefits like paid leave, medical insurance, accommodation paid for by the employer, travel expenses compensated.

Accredited recruiter is looking for offshore nurse/paramedic candidates to work for oil rig companies in Dubai, Australia and India; essentially is required to have 2 to 3 years experience in acute conditions care, ACLS, BTLS and PHTLS. - This latter piece of information was found on the Dubai Petrochemicals website, where disclaimer says, though, they are not a recruitment agency and do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information they find on the oil companies web sites.

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