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Despite the recent events in the energy market such as biofuels and ethanol, oil is still the biggest commodity in the energy market. In Brazil, the jobs in oil sector are on the rise, thanks to constant discoveries in the last 10 years of oil reserves, especially in the Santos Basin. This can be an excellent time to look for a job in the oil and gas industry.

There are many types of jobs in the oil and gas. These different types of jobs cover the various sectors of the oil industry, such as initial (entry level) jobs, drilling, constructions & engeneering, management, administration, medicine, marketing etc. The oil industry is usually consists from three general sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream

The upstream sector includes oil research, drilling and extraction of oil reservoirs. Common tasks in this section are for managers, engineers, geophysicals, drillers.

Now midstream sector involves transporting oil through pipelines and tankers from the oil platforms to the refineries that refining crude oil. The most common jobs in pipelines can be pipeliner oil analyst, pipe welder. A refinery may have even jobs for chemical engineers, pump system operators. Also on the platform exist, mechanicals, riggers, rigger assistants, scaffolders, toolpusher, tec. safety, electricians, painters, welders and others.

The sector downstream, onshore, provides jobs in marketing, media, administration and promotion of oil products to purchasers. There are also various kinds of professionals such as: chamberlain, steward, the laundry, to provide secondary activities.

Currently, there is a great demand from Petrobras and its suppliers to find qualified personnel for jobs on land or on oil rigs. Offshore oil platforms are structures used to host the different drilling equipment and departments of oil workers. Facilities include dormitories, dining room and office.

The recruitment process for industry jobs crude oil is usually longer and more rigid than the onshore. Besides contests, candidates may have to solve practical tasks under the control of a superior. This helps the employer to get to know better representation about job candidate, to ivestigate his motivation and behavior.

  • Ensign Energy Services Inc.
  • Athabasca Oil Sands Corporation
  • Pioneer Drilling Company [PDC]
  • Melrose Resources plc
  • Union Drilling, Inc. [UDRL]
  • Korea National Oil Corporation
  • Marubeni Corporation [MARUY]
  • Urals Energy Public Limited Company
  • Pan Andean Resources PLC
  • Strata Oil & Gas Inc. [SOIGF]
  • XXL Energy Corp.
  • Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. [PTEN]
  • Nicklos Drilling Company
  • Jura Energy Corporation
  • Constellation Energy Partners LLC [CEP]
  • Enerplus Corporation [ERF]
  • Sonde Resources Corp. [SOQ]
  • Brigham Exploration Company
  • Voyager Oil & Gas, Inc. [VOG]
  • Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners L.P. [PSE]

  • If you are new in the oil industry or would like to enter this market, it is very important to gain some knowledge about this subject. There are lots of information available online on the different areas, search specialized websites and in books on the subject of jobs and working process on oil rigs. One of the best sites providing such cind of information is rigworker.com

    Jobs in oil and gas are usually physically and emotionally demanding. Who works on platforms can spend many days on board, away from family and friends. Working in oil and gas industry may also require a lot of travel, across the region and worlwide. However, it is an industrial career challenging, interesting and rewarding in terms of financial and professional.

    Rope access jobs on oil rigs

    It is not a secret that oil companies pay so attractive salaries because of dangers of work. The salary and benefits are proportionality depends of the risk level. One of the dangerous offshore jobs are so called rope access jobs. Rope access are the jobs that conducted on high places such as welding, construction. Some rope access jobs do not require special skills for example painter. So how to get rope access position on rig? Empower employees to use techniques and equipment handling specific to working at height, as the new NR35. Who can be employed: workers of height (professional rope access), assemblers structures, civil and military firefighters. Be 18 years. Education - We demand that the trainee can read and write, this abbility is essentian for teaching materials and providing fast training. Clothing - Students should come with comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear (preferably a safety footwear) to carry out practical activities, both the first and the second day of training. Warning: It is not allowed to use shorts, skirts, slippers, sandals, shoes with platform heels and any type of clothing that instructors consider unsuitable for achieving the training. We recommend the use of sunscreen and sunglasses. Delay - The maximum tolerance delay is 30min. If the student exceeds 30min tolerated, he will not be allowed the completion of training and the student must reschedule it.

    Course content

    • Rules and Regulations applicable to work at heights;
    • Systems and procedures for working at height;
    • Risk analysis and hindering conditions;
    • Potential risks inherent in working at height and measures of prevention and control;
    • Personal protective equipment for work at height: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance and Use Limitation;
    • Accidents at work in typical height;
    • Learning of us;
    • Material suspended;
    • Systems, Equipment and protective procedures Collective;
    • Installation and displacement lifeline;
    • Comments on Facilities attachment points;
    • Comments on the use of scaffolding;
    • Anchor systems;
    • Use of hot stick;
    • Pipelines in emergency situations, notions of rescue techniques and first aid;
    • Completion of Risk Analysis and Special Work Permit;
    • Completing the evaluation form

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