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Abu Dhabi Oil Field Jobs

There are several recruiting agencies that specialize in oilfield job placement for good candidates. Below goes the the list of oil rig recruitment companies in Abu Dhabi looking for candidates to fill job vacancies in the UAE petroleum field / oilfield production. Some of them are recruiters, while the others hire directly and the CV's are to be sent to their HR departments.

  • Al Maharah Oilfield & Recruitment Services L.L.C. is HR consultants in Abu Dhabi that perform headhunting seeking qualified workforce for the UAE oil & gas industry since 1980. The vacancies, filled recently: Petroleum Engineer (Logging) that would be responsible for logging and reservoir engineering, to work in a supervisory position with minimum 8 years of previous experience in the same position. This recruiter was also looking for Telemetry Technician with minimum 6 to 12 years experience in oil and gas industry installing control system in petrochemical or offshore oil drilling branches. Requirements for a good candidate: certifications in cabling, glanding, hazard areas, control instruments, PMT, RTU, SAT, etc.
  • Sigma Oilfield
  • Fuschia Oil & Gas, also referred to as Fuschia Careers is a recruitment and executive search company that brings together oil production companies with trained individuals that could be good fit for working in Abu Dhabi and the Emirates.
  • SOS Recruitment Consultants is the selection consultancy that acts on behalf of the major employers in oil and gas sector
  • Huxley Associates
  • Island Falcon Technical Services
  • Atlas Services Group Energy maintains database of engineering professionals, in part for Drilling Supervisor jobs, that could be offered placement on offshore platforms and land based rigs in Abu Dhabi
  • International offshore oil rig roustabout entry-level jobs

Abu Dhabi National Drilling Company

The Abu Dhabi National Drilling Company (NDC), established in 1972 as 100% subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), is another major oil drilling contractor in the Middle East, and undisputed leader in the drilling industry of the United Arab Emirates. NDC operates 10 offshore oil exploration/production platforms/facilities and 18 land based oil rigs. The company is also one of the big jobs provider in the area that continuously hires new greenhand workers for a promising career, and offers opportunities for foreigners. The last month's vacancies by this oil drilling company were numerous and included Rig Mechanic, Assistant Rig Managers (onshore and offshore), Rig Electrician with Electrical Technology Certificate, Roughnecks, Motorman, Derrickman and more. To the best of our knowledge there's at least one of the recruiters selecting candidates for NDC, and it is Experts International Recruitment Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This information was found another Indonesian website that offers help to find job placements to nationals of Indonesia and neighboring countries.

In October 2011 the National Drilling signed a $333.3m contract with the UAE based oil rig installations producer Lamprell on the delivery and the commissioning of 2 jackup oil rigs to allow drilling for oil deposits to the depth of 200 ft in the addition to the already existing construction contract between the two companies. The new oil drilling installations are to be put in operation in 2014, meaning more jobs for both entry level and specialist positions in the Abu Dhabi offshore upstream sector.

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    Oil rig jobs search tips

    Another tip on the right way of finding oil rig job in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere in the world for the new college graduates trained in petroleum disciplines: It is advised that people without prior experience of working in oilfields should take realistic view as for the opportunities of getting hired for the specialized oil job they possibly were trained for at college, technical school, or even university. Don't set too high your expectation as for getting hired for the "right" position while looking for your very first job. Instead agree for any entry level vacancy available from competent recruiters, and then do your best to gain hands-on experience to give edge to you over the other candidates for working on the offshore platforms in more responsible positions in the future.

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