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Onshore oil job as first step to high paying offshore job

Offshore oil industry with great popularity because of high salaries attracts thousands of job seekers every year. Most people that are hunting for offshore jobs on oil rigs, often do not think of ways to enter the industry through onshore job. We regularly get emails from people from all over thew world (Pakistan, India, Africa, UK) who apply for offshore jobs, but still not accepted due to lack of working experience in oil sector. For these job seekers, it would advisable to look for a job in the onshore oil & gas industry.

Of course, onshore oil job is not so attractive as offshore oil job but there are some significant advantages in such kind of job if you are applying first time for the entry level. The advantage here is that you can directly acquire experience on land based oil rig that is essential for working offshore. This platform is not at sea, but working on an onshore platform is practically the same: same operations, jobs, tasks, responsibilities. The jobs you can get here are mostly identical to the jobs that are found on the offshore oil rigs.

By working directly on land based oil rigs you will gain experience, become familiar with the work, you can follow advanced training courses (for further career promotion ), and you have the option internally to apply for a suitable job in the offshore.

Onshore vs. Offshore work:

If you work onshore, you can assume that you are going to have a pretty normal working conditions. You are not 2-4 weeks at sea, and in some locations you can even go home after shift (if you live in the same area oil job located). But it may also be that you are in shifts work (7 - 23 / 23-7 Clock - 15/15), or it is also possible that you service 12 hours a day working in a period of 5 days or more, what you are then a few days off. The onshore challenges, hard work, raw materials, dangers and mentality, are virtually the same as when working on an offshore location. The most biggest and, perhaps, the most significant difference is that in case of emergency fire on the offshore rig the chances to survive are lower than onshore. Onshore salaries are lower than in the offshore industry. That is why many people go for offshore after you have accumulated enough experience on onshore platform. It is ultimately your choice: Higher income and often to be with your family long way from home, or a normal and regular income at home on land based rig.

It should be noted that while you are looking for a job on onshore land based oil rig there is big difference where to look for. Thus in Europe, it is not so fast and easy to get oil job onshore because of small quantity of land based platforms. In the Netherlands, for example, there are 44 oil fields, of which 7 are onshore. And of these 7 are more than half in operation. In addition, there is a very large gas field in the north of the Netherlands. You will find much faster land based oil rig job in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), where 62% of the oil reserves are located onshore.

In Africa, Latin America and North America are a total of another 24% of oil reserves. Although Europe has about 12% of oil reserves, but Switzerland is dependent to a large extent on oil imports. Germany, Switzerland and Austria are among the largest importers of oil and gas products in the world.

Onshore oil jobs at port terminals:

Where there is no oil or gas is pumped out of the ground, a large amount of reserves are stored onshore. Belgium and the Netherlands are good example for the import and export of oil products. The oil must be stored, as well as many other raw materials and chemicals. Once we have imported these products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, they are stored in tanks (port) terminals onshore.

In the port of Hamburg terminals, among others the Dutch company Vopak could be found. It has the largest terminal in Hamburg-Neuhof. Here is stored and handled mainly. When a ship is entering to the terminal, a number of workers required to provide the transportation from ship to shore raw materials and in particular crude oil.

The most common and accessible way to get job is to get hired docker. There is also available jobs of a truck driver for a further transportation to other destinations of Europe. The same is true for example for tank cleaning oil jobs. It's a big job to shore tanks should be cleaned with high pressure and it pays well, like other industrial cleaning jobs. To do this you must have followed the SIR training (Industrial Cleaning Foundation). Also, you must have the safety certificate. Do you want to get ahead faster? Then you need a port diploma and / or certificates as manhole guard, truck drivers, fire watch, etc.

In the news: The Danish ship "Parida" suddenly burst fire near the coast of Scotland. Then the ship drifted towards an oil rig, that is why a helicopter had to evacuate the personnel of the rig.

Due to a fire on a ship that was loaded with nuclear waste an oil rig has been evacuated as a precaution against the Scottish North Sea coast. More than 50 workers were brought on Tuesday night by helicopter to safe place after loaded with radioactive waste ship had caught fire and floating toward the platform, as the Coast Guard announced. Accordingly, the fire broke out on the Danish ship "Parida" from the nuclear waste from the Scottish Dounreay plant should carry into Antwerp in Belgium.

Onshore oil jobs

  • Haynesville Shale: oil job
  • Virginia: no experience jobs
  • Canada Oil Sands tanker cleaner job
  • Buskerud: tanker cleaner onshore work
  • Middle East: Houston: Steward jobs
  • Jan Mayen: Subsea project engineer positions
  • Stena Drilling: Pipefitter employment
  • Iraq: Rigger vacancy
  • Middle East tanker cleaner position
  • Qatar: Roustabout job
  • Oil gas jobs in Belgium
  • Uruguay: tanker cleaner vacancy
  • Singapore: Crane Operator offshore work
  • IKM Subsea Design: tanker cleaner jobs
  • Saudi Arabia: Welder positions
  • Kuwait: Manual labor employment
  • Middle East: tanker cleaner vacancy
  • Middle East onshore oil jobs

According to the Coast Guard, the crew reported the "Parida" on Tuesday evening stormy seas and a fire in one of the two chimneys of the freighter. With failed engine, the ship drifted towards the coast.

As it was located 20 kilometers away from the platform, British military helicopter around midnight brought 52 workers on the rig to safety. There had been no casualties, the evacuation was just a precaution, said the company that operates the platform, Wood Group.

According to Coast Guard, it was in the cargo weakly radioactive material that was stored in concrete tanks. The ship had been firmly established, and should then be towed to the coast. The crew was at no time in danger, the cargo was not threatened by the flames, the agency said. The Scottish Environment Minister Richard Lochhead described the incident but as "serious".

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