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Applying oil job with no experience

Are you applying for a position of Roustabout, but have neither training, nor experience, nor even idea what it's going to look like? The first and foremost advice that any recruiter would suggest is to do some of your own research on the internet so that you'd make an informed decision instead of wasting both yours and the recruiters' valuable time.

Offshore oil rig recruiters are looking for:

Subsea Engineer * Maintenance Roustabout * Roughneck * Assistant Crane Operator * Derrickhand - Derrickman * Catering Steward * Mud Logger * Directional Driller * Assistant Driller * Toolpusher * Rig Manager * Electrical Engineer * Drilling Engineer * Well Site Geologist * Petroleum Engineer * Geologist * Pumpman * Deckhands* Seismic Driller * Reservoir Engineer * Environmental Engineer * Medic * Rig Electrician * Drilling Foreman * Geological Technologist * Exploration Geologist * Geophysical Engineer * Wireline Operator, Radio Operator * Mechanic * Mechanical Engineer * Electrician * Apprentice Electrician * Cook, Chef, Night Baker, Day Baker, Galley Hand, Leasehand * Indian Crew * Trainee Rig Electrician * Good candidates for entry level gas & oil job vacancies for college graduates


The most common and the most junior vacancy in drilling oil on offshore platform is Roustabout, which is the industry specific term for general laborer on oil production facilities. This is a position quite a number of senior positions on oil platform once started their career in oil & gas industry from - there's always opportunities for promotion on oil rigs!

Meanwhile, to be a Roustabout on oil rigs, you should: be physically strong and able to work fast with different kinds of heavy mechanisms and machinery available aboard offshore oil platform; be a quick learner, because Roustabout is expected to pick up operational skills quickly by the way of hands on learning from the other members of the drilling crew working with them together as a part of crew consisting of several workers; good practical skills should be picked up quickly; preferably a candidate for Roustabout vacancy should have good leadership aptitude and inclinations. If you feel that everything listed above is inherent in your personality, you have all reasons to apply for a job of Roustabout on offshore oil rigs. Chances are, neither yourself, nor your employers will be disappointed. But that's not all. You need to also be psychologically strong and stable person, capable of enduring hardships and challenges implied by the necessity of having to spend much time and live and work far away from home and friends in the secluded space, which you will share with just a couple of hundreds of people. If you have problem following instructions that you get from your superiors and obey commands, you better not even submit your resumé to the HR.

Duties of a Roustabout offshore

When you start working on a rig as greenhand Roustabout, you are supposed to learn as you go performing many things and duties no one else wants to do in fact, because these are the dirtiest and often rather hazardous, no to say at times dangerous duties someone has to do, though. In exchange Roustabout gets generous salary, which exceeds exponentially the wages in the land based industries, regardless of whether you work in the USA - Canada, Russia, or Nigeria.

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