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Offshore recruiting company will help you to get yore high paid rig job

Your career in oil and gas energy sector offshore oil rigs employment in North Sea, Aberdeen.

Our Aberdeen offshore oil and gas recruiting company, understands the profiles required for this market as well as the unique and rewarding nature of the work performed. Our specialized consultants have a unique path in getting offshore oil rig jobs, so we are best fitting the most qualified in offshore oil and gas sector with the most appropriate professional job offers. We take the time to understand your personal needs and adapt our services to guide you through each stage of the recruitment process to reach your dreamed offshore oil job.

Global network our rerouting company experts and consultants recruit professionals including entire life cycle oil and gas sector. From exploration to development projects and construction work for the operation and maintenance of assets. Thus in our members area are available not only high skilled offshore oil jobs for engineers, constructors, geologists, rig managers but there is also offshore opportunities for mechanics, electricians, scaffolders and even jobs on the entry level of offshore oil rigs: roustabouts, greenhands, roughnecks, greenhorns etc.

So if you are looking for job in offshore oil market or require information or professional advice, find here why you should choose our recruiting company. more than 10.000 employers got hired on offshore oil rigs using our recruiting services. Most of them have no offshore experience on oil rigs so you could get your job too!

Requirements and Restrictions in offshore oil rig jobs

Rig jobs in members area:

  • Egypt: Catering assistant positions
  • Aberdeen: Plumber employment
  • Algeria: Wet welder vacancy
  • North Dakota: Geologist position
  • Aberdeen: General labor job
  • Scotland Assistant mechanic opportunity
  • Aberdeen: Motorman position
  • Baker Hughes: Cook helper offshore work
  • Acteon: Roughneck jobs
  • Schlumberger: Geologist positions
  • Aberdeen: Cook employment
  • North Sea Barge Engineer vacancy
  • Scotland Utility hand position
  • Aberdeen: Utility hand job
  • Sogn og Fjordane: Tower climber opportunity
  • Aberdeen: Kitchen helper position
  • Oslo: Floorhand offshore work

In order to get high paying offshore oil job you must meet few certain requirements to get on board of offshore rig or platform. You must be physical fit with no serious diseases over and under the legal age. The legal age varies according to the company that hires you. As a rule the minimum legal age to get job on offshore oil rig though our recruiting company is 18-21 years old. As for physical health there are different restrictions and requirements depending on the position you are applying to and country where oil company operates offshore. Thus if you want to get offshore job as roustabout on oil rig in deck crew you must be able to lift 50 kg. So it is not not too difficult to guess that on oil rigs as a rule are working big guys that are often higher and heavier than onshore workers. In the same time in North Sea there are restrictions for obese workers on offshore rigs. Obese workers have no longer chances to get offshore oil job in North Sea because of frequent helicopter accidents occurring wile transporting workers from the shot to the rig. Obese workers cannot jump out of the helicopter. By the way helicopter pilots can earn decent money in offshore oil and gas energy industry. Out recruiting company can find job for helicopter pilots too.

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