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Particularity of offshore jobs and some terms

As with many specialized business sectors, the oil and gas has its own distinctive terminology. A small business that wants to interact regularly with companies and personnel involved with drilling equipment for oil and gas would be well served to understand some of the basic terms that are part of everyday life in the world drilling.

An oil platform is a term itself, that is, the whole of the machinery used to drill the well, including the derrick. According to the Glossary Schlumberger Oilfield, oil rig on land covers all parts of the structure, except dwellings; offshore, comprising drilling the same components but not the parts of the platform. A "oil field", on the other hand, is the area of land above a floor under oil and gas accumulation. However, the term "oil field" can also refer to the accumulation of oil itself.

Major offshore oil drilling equipment.

Two major components are a drilling rig and drill derrick. The "bit" according to the glossary of Texas Energy Group, is cutting or boring rotary drill point creates the hole too. The "drill string" is the long column of pipe having the equipment sending power to the bit. Derrick is pyramidal metal frame supporting the drill string, often up several meters above the surface. Finally, some wells require a pump, which explains the Energy Capital Group is the computer that uses a movement up and down to create the suction and remove the oil to the surface.

Offshore work

Offshore drilling platforms need to consider the sea. Therefore, they can be found in a few types of platforms. A "drillship" for example, is a deep water container specially modified to carry the platform and anchor it firmly in place so it can be used. A platform "jack up" is a barge like structure with support legs that can be "hijacked" down until the platform anchored to the seabed, at which point more lift in place to raise the platform at the desired height above water. Finally, a platform of "underwater" has its working structure 100 feet or more above the tank as foot pontoon is flooded until they sink to the ocean floor, the anchor of the entire platform. This type must be used in relatively shallow water so that the platform rig remains above the surface.

Current oil rig jobs

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  • Oppland: Pumpman position
  • Finnmark: Driller job
  • North Dakota: Assistant Crane Operator opportunity
  • Kuwait: Maintenance Technician position
  • Bakersfield: Toolpusher offshore work
  • Vestfold: Laundryman jobs
  • Philippines: Utility hand positions
  • Turkmenistan: Greenhand employment
  • Buskerud: Manual labor vacancy
  • Alaska: Seismic Driller position
  • New Mexico: Chief steward job
  • California: Rigger opportunity
  • Cameroon: Company man/woman position
  • Hordaland: Chief steward offshore work
  • Ohio: Steward jobs
  • Geoservices: Steward positions
  • Alabama: Petroleum Engineer employment
  • South Korea: Electrical Engineer vacancy
  • Ghana: Subsea pipeline engineer position
  • Namibia: Waiter job
  • Ocean Robotics: Rigger opportunity
  • Technip: Caterer position
  • Svalbard: Pumpman offshore work
  • Tunisia: Chef Manager jobs
  • IKM Subsea Design: Rigger positions
  • Subsea7: Toolpusher employment
  • Colombia: EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) vacancy
  • Saudi Arabia: Driller position
  • Vest-Agder: Steward job
  • Italy: Directional Driller opportunity
  • Aberdeen oil rig recruiters
  • Massachusetts: Underwater welder position
  • Greenland: Tower climber offshore work
  • Syria: Mechanical Engineer jobs

Terms of staff working on offshore oil rig

Although some workers in oil and gas, as drillers or Derrickmen, are named after the work of their duties, other titles are not so simple. For example, a "Toolpusher" or "push" is the drilling supervisor or foreman, not a mere operator. A "bully" is so named because of the hard manual labor that acquires. Examples of such offshore oil rig jobs are: Roustabout, Rigger, Utilityhand, Galleyhand, Mud logger, Toolpusher.

The devil is in the details. Some terms of oil and gas can be confusing because they sound like familiar words, but they have similar meanings. For example, "deposit" the field is sedimentary rock containing oil or gas, according to the glossary of terms Mineral Web. Moreover, the "reserves" are the amount of oil and gas in the tank that are available for production. The "reserve pool" is a collector for waste water, fluids and other drilling operations.

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