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Oilfield Jobs

Oil fields are regions or areas with active oil wells. Oil and gas more often found underground and between the layers of strata, or rock, getting the surface takes a little effort. Offshore Companies in the business of oil production used a variety of workers in the oil fields, and pay relatively good wages. In fact, CNN Money reports that some oil workers are doing regularly $ 100,000 a year.

Oil sector salaries

Whether you are offshore or below the dry land, an oil platform needs workers of all levels. One of the tasks is common oilfield oil rig laborers, oil worker who performs hard physical labor and general maintenance on the rig. Roustabouts earn a median salary of $ 35,000 a year, while consultants oilfield drilling can make around $ 236,000. Even those with experience of less than one year in the oil fields made in 2015 an average salary of nearly $ 67,000.

OIlfield jobs:

  • Aberdeen: Subsea Engineer job
  • ND: Reservoir Engineer opportunity
  • California: Cook helper position
  • US: Denver: Roustabout offshore work
  • ND: Laundryman jobs
  • Illinois: Pumpman positions
  • Equatorial Guinea: Chef employment
  • Philippines: Environmental Engineer vacancy
  • OK: Blackwell: Cook helper position
  • ND: Roustabout job
  • Nabors Industries: Night Baker opportunity
  • Cote d'Ivoire: Roustabout position
  • Peru: Foreman offshore work
  • CA: Bakersfield: Deckhands jobs
  • ND: Mud logger positions
  • Indiana: Subsea Engineer employment
  • ND: Electronic technician vacancy
  • Oman: Roustabout position
  • Virginia: Drilling Foreman job
  • California: Rigger opportunity
  • Dolphin Drilling: Mud logger position
  • ND: Chief Electrician offshore work
  • Utah: Pipefitter jobs
  • ND: Company man/woman positions
  • Telemark: Catering Officer employment
  • Brazil: Painter vacancy
  • Jan Mayen: Chief Electrician position
  • Australia: Roustabout job
  • Sudan: Geologist opportunity
  • Atwood Oceanics: Inc.: Directional Driller position
  • Sogn og Fjordane: Foreman offshore work
  • ND: Chief steward jobs

Offshore oil rig workers certainly earn high pay, because their work is dangerous and difficult. Higher wages on an oil rig earn, of course, the most experienced and skilled workers. An example would be the operators of drilling or boring. In 2011, oil drillers were making about $ 60,000 a year.

Oil Rig Foreman

In an oilfield, every oil rig has a supervisor or foreman. CNN Money found that the officers of the offshore oil rig were making nearly $ 194,000 a year in 2011 can not walk down the street and get into position of a foreman oil platform, however. Most offshore oil platforms foremen put in several years or more of offshore work on in oil and gain knowledge of nearly every aspect of the equipment and work performance of oil platform.

Oilfield Engineering Careers

Engineers are needed with university studies of all kinds in an oil field. Generally, oil companies hire petroleum engineers and geologists to help locate and then pump the oil from its fields. A drilling fluid engineer, known as "mud engineer" working on the oil fields, average makes $ 103,000 a year. Experienced engineers in subsea or seabed drilling can earn around $ 133.500 per year.

Finding oilfield jobs

Oil and gas companies pump oil both on land and offshore and the demand for oil workers is high. North Dakota, for example, was experiencing an oil and gas boom in the time of publication, often hiring men and women who have only a high school diploma. Many oil companies involved in pumping oil offshore are also looking workers, according to the offshore oil employment news in the web. Be careful, though; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention work site can be a very dangerous occupation.

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