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Australia oil field job opportunities

The largest oil field of the world found in Australia.

This will make the oil industry is completely confused to completely change the geo-strategy. In Australia, the largest oil field was discovered in the last 50 years, and could even be the largest in the world. The place is near Coober Pedy in the desert of Australia and contains more oil than Iran, Iraq, Canada and Venezuela together. The estimated amounts today to 233 billion barrels, which is almost the same as Saudi Arabia indicated its reserves. However, a well-known energy expert says the reserves are much higher.

"The fund could be up to 300 or 400 million barrels, making it the most unconventional discovery we see in our lives," says Dr. Kent Moors, an adviser to the six producers and governments of 20 largest known oil.

"It represents a real redraw the global energy map, as we know," says Dr. Kent Moors, "and the mainstream press ignores it completely."

The site is located near Coober Pedy in South Australia state, 840 kilometers northwest of Adelaide, a place formerly known as "Opal Capital of the World" and actually is the largest source of these gems.

For the inhabitants of this place, who live in underground burrows, mainly because of the extreme heat, the so-called "safe havens", the oil boom will change everything. Many oil meas lots of oil jobs in this region of Australia. With oil there is a "treasure" at the bottom of the 20 billion dollars (20.000 million).

Oil field jobs

  • Australia: Assistant Crane Operator position
  • US: Denver: Petroleum Engineer offshore work
  • US: Cook assistant jobs
  • Rogaland: Roustabout positions
  • Tunisia: Subsea Engineer employment
  • Australia: Assistant Driller vacancy
  • North Sea: roughneck position
  • Australia: roughneck job
  • Ethiopia: Plumber opportunity
  • Australia: Steward position
  • West Virginia: Rigger offshore work
  • Syria: Chef jobs
  • Maersk Contractors: Crane Operator positions
  • Iraq: Mechanical Engineer employment
  • Australia: roughneck vacancy
  • Cameroon: Scaffolder position
  • Petroleum industry: Steward job
  • Indonesia: roughneck opportunity
  • Cape Town: roughneck position
  • Australia oilfield roughneck jobs
  • Australia: roughneck jobs
  • Tesco Drilling: roughneck positions
  • Singapore: Pumpman employment
  • South Africa: Catering assistant vacancy
  • IKM Subsea Design: Rigger position
  • Australia: Offshore Drilling: Steward job
  • Australia entry level oil rig jobs
  • Australia: Night Baker position
  • US: Baker offshore work
  • Cape Town: Catering Officer jobs
  • Australia: Manual labor positions
  • South Korea trainee roughneck offshore jobs
  • Southern California: Roustabout vacancy
  • Australia: Tower climber position
  • Egypt: roughneck job
  • Australia: Roughneck opportunity
  • Newfoundland: Storeman position
  • Qatar: Rigger offshore work
  • Australia: Laundryman jobs

Ackaringa Basins Basin oil deposits with layers of more than 78,000 square kilometers and contain enough "black gold" to the world oil market to change it completely. Analysts say the situation for investors, as in Saudi Arabia in the early 50s.

Dr. Moors says, that a small business has all the rights of oil and is now being courted heavily by oil companies. Investors reflect frankly want to be there.

According to the lowest estimates Coober Pedy is not enough to meet the energy needs of Australia, but to be an oil exporter. Higher estimates think Australia could be one of the largest Expo of expensive oil in the world. Also providiong big amount of oil job openings every year.

"What we see here is a very large deposit," says Minister of Mines of South Australia, Tom Koutsantonis. "That is the key to ensuring energy security of Australia, now and in the future."

This rediscovery of a field of even higher oil confirmed what I stand for years. See my article "What energy crisis? "The common scientific opinion, deque oil is fossil and once occurred 500 million years ago, is completely wrong. Is it right? oil is abiotic, which is not from biological organisms, but arises from a chemical process at high pressure and temperature continuously in the earth's crust. It is also found practically everywhere, if it has been drilled deep enough.

Oil field jobs

  • Congo: Rope access technician positions
  • Australia: Chef employment
  • Philippines: Catering Officer vacancy
  • Akershus: Petroleum Engineer position
  • Libya: Cook helper job
  • Altinex: Kitchen cleaner opportunity
  • Mozambique: Materials man position
  • Diamond Offshore Drilling: Mechanic offshore work
  • Alabama: Camp Boss jobs
  • Australia Scaffolder positions
  • Atwood Oceanics: Inc.: Directional Driller employment
  • OK: Blackwell: Steward vacancy
  • Subsea7: Foreman position
  • Schlumberger: Galley hand job
  • TX: Houston: Assistant Driller opportunity
  • Taiwan: Rope access technician position
  • Franklin Howard International: Driller offshore work
  • Australia ex military oilfield jobs
  • Rogaland: Senior subsea engineer positions
  • Australia Roughneck employment
  • Acteon: Derrickman vacancy
  • Noble: Roustabout position
  • Aberdeen oil rig recruiters
  • Troms: Cook assistant job
  • Hordaland: Cook assistant opportunity
  • Australia Manual labor position
  • Iran: Geologist offshore work
  • Netherlands: Camp Boss jobs
  • Australia Greenhand positions
  • Israel: Chef Manager employment
  • Chad: Night Baker vacancy
  • Australia Dishwasher position
  • Australia Roughneck job
  • Abbot Group: Rigger opportunity
  • Colombia: Driller position
  • UK: Cook helper offshore work
  • Australia EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) jobs
  • Oceaneering: Rigger positions
  • Southern California: Rigger employment
  • New Mexico: Maintenance supervisor (Electrical) vacancy
  • CA: Bakersfield: Scuba diver position
  • Australia Roustabout job
  • Oslo: Rigger opportunity
  • Montana: Materials man position
  • Australia Materials man offshore work

That is, it is a fairy tale full, so that oil is finite, it turns off and are soon seated dry. In fact, we float on a sea of oil. All American wars are already on oil, but not everyone thinks like get it, but keep in using. If all sources could sprout, then he will spoil the price and that's not what they want neither the Saudis nor Americans. The lie of a quick end to the shortage, spread to the oil companies, so the price is very well maintained.

Now it is also understandable why the Pentagon has established a new US military base 2,000 Marines in Darwin with 20,000 soldiers led by a big move on the east coast of Australia, in July, including aircraft carriers, landing ships and 11 warships. We know that the US military They are the goon squad of US multinationals to expand the market and keep it safe.

The big oil discovery also explains the problematic relationship between Riyadh and Washington lately. Saudi despots are completely outraged that Obama has not fulfilled its desire to attack Syria nor receive either a new understanding with Tehran. Obama obviously did not obey the orders of the oil sheiks with their petrodollars. Washington may think that may well replace allies Saudi Arabia and Australia as a supplier of oil. Geo-strategy and has completely changed!

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